Are these real '60s and '70s TV models or did we make them up?

Were people actually watching classic sitcoms on these models?

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When you go shopping for a new TV, there are a few things you might take into consideration. You look at the price to ensure you're catching a sale, the size and the name/model. In the '60s and '70s, there were a lot of creative names for television models, some that, if you only saw the words, you might not believe were real.

We want to know if you can tell which television model names were real from the '60s and '70s and which ones we made up.

Good luck!

  1. Is this a real '60s or '70s TV model name?
  2. Is this a real '60s or '70s TV model name?
  3. Is this a real '60s or '70s TV model name?
  4. Is this a real '60s or '70s TV model name?
  5. Is this a real '60s or '70s TV model name?
  6. Is this a real '60s or '70s TV model name?
  7. Is this a real '60s or '70s TV model name?
  8. Is this a real '60s or '70s TV model name?
  9. Is this a real '60s or '70s TV model name?

Are these real '60s and '70s TV models or did we make them up?

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tbrian 2 months ago
You got 6 out of 9

All guesses but the one I remembered.
RobertK 14 months ago
7 0f 9. Not too bad, a couple of surprises. I never heard of the Motorola Astronaut line. When I was a kid, I was always intrigued by electronics so I would bring home peoples castaway TV sets from the trash and try to fix them. I had some good successes, Mostly it was a bad tube or a few blown capacitors. A trip to the drugstore "U-Test-Em" tube tester or a trip to Radio Shack and I had the set up and running again! Lots of challenging fun!
1960sTVfan 14 months ago
7/9 I still have a 27" Sony Trinitron in my bedroom, but I'm finally looking to replace it with a flat screen TV - LOL!
Adanor 14 months ago
6/9 I graduated from high school in the early 70's and I remember getting the first color set. They had not perfected the flesh tone and all the faces were green. The vertical hold didn't hold a lot of times, but as we were often reminded, it was now in living color.
cperrynaples Adanor 14 months ago
TRUE! It was very hard to get the flesh tones right back then!
timothys71 14 months ago
5/9; about what I expected given that I was a child for most of the 1970's and was not alive in the 60's (the "71" in my username is a reference to my birth year). Kind of surprised by the number of "space age" names that were actual TV models, since space exploration was fairly new back then, and TV isn't the first thing I would associate with that.
Runeshaper 14 months ago

A nice score like this deserves a vintage TV. Good job!
tootsieg 14 months ago
5/9. Low score but a fun quiz.
AgingDisgracefully 14 months ago
We had a WoolworthSonic that included pliers to change stations.
woofie AgingDisgracefully 14 months ago
brought back a great memory with pliers
You really had to use those? Honestly they couldn't include a channel dial...LOL!
ncadams27 14 months ago
My parents had a Philco.
GoUTVols1961 ncadams27 14 months ago
I bought one at a yard sale back in the early 80s that had the Ford Motor company logo on it. It had a great color picture. I was sad when the tube started to go.
cperrynaples GoUTVols1961 14 months ago
TRUE! Ford bought out Philco! Today it's a brand name for Korean products! They actually sponsored a '50's anthology series!
Maverick66 14 months ago
6/9. Only remembered the Sony Trinitron.
Sally 14 months ago
6/9 I knew the Zenith one because my parents had one. My in-laws always had RCA's so I knew those too.
CouchPotato987 14 months ago
Wow! I didn’t know Sony Trinitrons had been around that long. I had one back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.
Yes they were! See my post below!
Mblack CouchPotato987 14 months ago
Wasn't Trinitron Sony's method of making picture tubes? So my 19 inch monitor I had till about ten years ago was a Trinitron.
cperrynaples Mblack 14 months ago
Yes, I believe they had a patent on their picture tube! Today's Sonys are very much different as are all wide screens!
timothys71 Mblack 14 months ago
Back then 19" was considered an average TV screen size, whereas 35" is considered a small set by today's standards.
kkvegas CouchPotato987 14 months ago
I got one for my 14th birthday in 1977. I used to stay up late doing homework and cramming for tests, and I still remember watching Johnny Carson's monologue most nights before finally going to sleep.
cperrynaples kkvegas 14 months ago
Well, "how hot were" those sets...LOL!
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