Are these real Columbo episodes or did we make them up?

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Columbo was TV's quirkiest detective, so it's no surprise he turned the whole genre of crime drama upside down. From 1971 to 2003, we watched Columbo solve murders in riveting episodes with names like "Murder By the Book," "Double Exposure," "Troubled Waters" and other titles that inspired intrigue.

Out of all these episodes, a handful had the detective's name right in the title. Here, we play a game to see if you can detect which of these Columbo titles are real from the ones we made up, in attempts to playfully mirror the show's special humor. Good luck!

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  1. Columbo Goes to the Guillotine
  2. Columbo Likes the Nightlife
  3. Columbo Likes to Boogie
  4. Columbo Goes to Paris
  5. Columbo Goes to College
  6. Columbo and the Murder of a Rock Star
  7. Columbo Meets the Big Kahuna
  8. Columbo and the Lone Wolf
  9. Columbo Cries Wolf
  10. Light, Camera, Columbo
Are these real Columbo episodes or did we make them up?

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TomTerrrific 1 month ago
That was easy. Something I just noticed watching last weeks episode. In "Columbo Hits the Jackpot", he speaks fluent Italian to some of the victim's friends. But in a later episode (I forget the title but Rod Steiger played a retired Mafia boss) he says that he "never got the hang" of Italian! Just one of those inconsistencies.
theglovecleaner 4 months ago
Yeah, these were clearly later episodes after the initial 7 year run. (I think 7) I didn't even recognize most of these titles; well the real ones, and was lucky to get 8/10.
garykevinware 5 months ago
All of the real titles were taken from the later episodes, which were of much inferior quality, although the ones chosen were generally the best of the bunch.
Barry22 5 months ago
4/10, just one more thing, I did terrible.
scp 5 months ago
10 out of 10. Watching every episode of Columbo multiple times comes in handy.
cperrynaples 5 months ago
8/10! Number 2 was the last episode, and the phony Number 3's full title would have been "Columbo Likes To Boogie On The Disco Rooound"...LOL to all '70's kids!
CatMomWanda 5 months ago
5/10 but all guesses. I really don't know episode names on any show.
stephaniestavropoulos 5 months ago
7/10. Before I took this quiz, I predicted I would get 50% {5/10.} But I pleasantly surprised myself by getting two more right than I predicted! I've watched both the old and new episodes, {most not all of them from the beginning, but after they'd been running 30 minutes, or so.} I don't know why, exactly, but it used to bother me seeing his character be this way. But over time, I had a change of heart, {obviously.} I think the reason why, is because it bothered me to see him bothering other people. Until I realized that's his nature, he's supposed to be doing this! Getting under people's skin, is one of his {unique} ways of helping him to solve the mystery.
AndrewHass 5 months ago
I was 10/10 but for me it was an easy quiz since i've watched every Columbo episode at least once.
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