Are you a picky eater when it comes to these vintage foods?

Do these classic ingredients make you hungry or queasy?

Aunt Bee has a talent for cooking plenty of tasty meals and treats for Andy and Opie Taylor. Apple crumb cake, potato pancakes, fried chicken…. There's a whole list of dishes that keep the boys full and happy. 

The only thing she can't seem to get right? Her aptly named homemade "kerosene" pickles. Andy, Barney and the rest may enjoy a pickle, but only when they are properly pickled, like the store-bought ones or Clara Johnson's.

This got us thinking; not everyone likes pickles to begin with. In fact, there are probably plenty of vintage foods and flavors that people didn't enjoy when growing up.

We've compiled a list of popular ingredients and we're curious; how much of a picky eater were/are you when it comes to these vintage foods?

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  1. Pickles
  2. Mayonnaise
  3. Jell-O
  4. Vienna Sausages
  5. Shrimp Cocktail
  6. Deviled Ham
  7. Pimento olives
  8. Marshmallow Fluff
  9. Spam
  10. Prunes
  11. Cheez Whiz
  12. Rice pudding
  13. Ambrosia salad
  14. Clam dip
  15. Licorice

Are you a picky eater when it comes to these vintage foods?

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JDnHuntsvilleAL 17 hours ago
Pickels? YES, as long as they are Bread-and-butter.
texasluva 6 days ago
53% for me. I'm a tad picky. No Spam for me when I can have Black Forest ham ☺🤗.
jorel 9 days ago
Love pickles!! Love that episode too. I know it's silly to think of but why doesn't Aunt Bee try her pickles until half way through the story, after they were swapped with store bought in the "prickle switch"?
Angie 10 days ago
55% similar. Who doesn't like Cheese Whiz? XD
KachinaJim 11 days ago
Some of these I had my fill of when I was a kid and don't care for them now. Jello, pickles, olives...but I still like liver and onions!
Angie KachinaJim 10 days ago
I ate liver as a kid. Wouldn't touch it now.
DavidBartholomew 11 days ago
Spam! Yum!
I grew up with Spam every Saturday for breakfast. If it's grilled like ham or bacon, it ain't bad.
I just had some yesterday.I fried it in coconut oil and soy sauce.Good eating!
"Lovely Spam, Wonderful Spam...." (Somebody had to say it.)
Fry it up Dice it up throw it in with scrambled eggs
Good eaten !
Runeshaper 11 days ago
33% similar
33% similar to the most popular responses

I like many types of food so I'm always up to keep them coming LOL
Barry22 11 days ago
42%, I was in the hospital two months ago, and now I like jello. Go figure.
Runeshaper Barry22 11 days ago
Hope you're feeling better!
BrittReid 12 days ago
74% but the licorice HAS to be red.
tDennis BrittReid 11 days ago
If it's red it'

I don't want to split hairs with you but licorice is a flavor.(written by a licorice snob)
JoeyZone11 12 days ago
CheezWhiz!! Makes a cheesesteak a cheesesteak!!
Not for me 😂...My cheesesteak is gonna have REAL 🧀 on it!!! Yum!
Utzaake JoeyZone11 11 days ago
43%. My preference is white American cheese, so have yet to try Cheez Whiz which I have heard is the preferred choice of most cheesesteak eaters.
Aerosol cheese spray? Nah!
ndebrabant 12 days ago
60% similar
60% similar to the most popular responses
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