Can you answer these real 'Jeopardy!' question about Lucille Ball?

Buzz in and see if you can get all these questions about our favorite redhead

There's no arguing about it: Lucille Ball is one of the most influential comediennes of TV. Her impact is still being felt today with homages, reference, and countless actors citing her as an influence. Jeopardy! is no exception to her reach. The quiz show, beginning in 1964, has dozens of questions in countless categories about our favorite redhead.

With these real Jeopardy! questions from j-archive, you can finally test your own knowledge of all things Lucy.

Can you clear the board of these Lucille Ball questions?

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  1. Category: Lucille Ball's 100th Birthday for $200. Clue: Like so many actresses in Hollywood, in 1938 Lucy tested for this coveted movie role that went to Vivien Leigh
  2. Category: Chico, Harpo, or Groucho for $400. Clue: Re-created his famous mirror scene from "Duck Soup" on an episode of "I Love Lucy"
  3. Category: Time for a Haircut for $400. Clue: Lucille Ball popularized the short, curly style named for this dog breed
  4. Category: Which TV Show Came First? for $200. Clue: "I Spy", "I Dream of Jeannie", "I Love Lucy"
  5. Category: 4-letter Films for $600. Clue: Many fans didn't love Lucy when she played the Auntie in this 1974 musical
  6. Category: Television for $1000. Clue: On "I Love Lucy", it was Lucy Ricardo's maiden name
  7. Category: A Little TV for $1600. Clue: Ricky Ricardo's signature song on "I Love Lucy"
  8. Category: '30s Film Facts for $200. Clue: Lucille Ball appeared in 3 films with this dance duo: "Roberta", "Top Hat" & "Follow the Fleet"
  9. Category: Oh, Witty Woman for $200. Clue: Lucille Ball once quipped, "The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about" this

Can you answer these real 'Jeopardy!' question about Lucille Ball?

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TexasGreek 24 hours ago
You got 9 correct
Congrats! You're the Lucille Ball trivia champ!
RickeyMulkey 15 days ago
You got 9 correct
Congrats! You're the Lucille Ball trivia champ! Now you won't need to work at a chocolate factory for money. Not even the one with the Three Stooges?
Catman 23 days ago
Easy. But the famous mirror bit was pulled off by Harpo and Groucho originally, so really Groucho or Harpo would have been correct. But in the ILL show, Lucy played the bit with Harpo, not with Groucho.
Muleskinner 24 days ago
8/9. I missed # 3 about the dog breed she popularized.
JERRY6 25 days ago
7 i won't have to work in he chokolate factory
RobCertSDSCascap 26 days ago
9/9- good for one who is not a big fan.
AllisonWunderland 27 days ago
The TV Commercial episode was one of my favorites! πŸ˜‰
She made Vitameatavegamin a household word, and one of the funniest "tv commercials" ever seen! "It's HOT in here!" --Lucy Ricardo (after drinking tablespoons of the liquid, 23% alcohol)
MeTV on April 17, 2017, posted an article saying that the dress Lucy wore in this episode is now owned by the actress Laura Dern! Here is the link:
"And it's so tasty too!" 😝...Lol!
Lillyrose 27 days ago
Easy quiz! I watch I Love Lucy almost every day! I Love Lucy is my favorite T.V. Show!
MaryAnn 28 days ago
Much to my surprise, I got 8/9 on this one. I just picked the wrong Marx brother!
MrBill 28 days ago
9/9; easy one for me - I was always a big fan.
spence2054 28 days ago
I saw Lucy this morning in a Three Stooges short "Three Little Pigskins." It was made in 1934, and Lucy was born in 1911, so she was 23 . . . and blond to boot. I recognized her first because of her voice, and then I could tell it was her from her mannerisms. She was a knock-out for sure.
That was one of my favorite appearances in seeing her, 17 years before her I Love Lucy series, when she "hit it big" at 40!
PeterRoff 28 days ago
The answer to No. 2 (which isn't phrased in the form of a question) is wrong. Even though she's dressed as Harpo, and she performs the routine with Harpo, the part she is playing was played by Groucho in Duck Soup. She plays the "Groucho" half of the bit originally performed by Groucho and Harpo with both of them pretending to be Groucho (as Rufus T. Firefly).
MaryAnn PeterRoff 28 days ago
I feel better now, Peter! That was the only one I missed! πŸ˜‰
Catman PeterRoff 23 days ago
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