Can you complete the names of all these 1950s TV characters?

See if you can send your score "to the moon!"

In the 1950s, great television was just getting started. With genuine stars like Donna Reed, Steve McQueen, Lucille Ball, and many more leading the way, it remains an astonishingly memorable time in TV history, especially for those who spot what's so special and return to the shows regularly.

Here, we've got a baker's dozen of classic characters we met in the 1950s, missing half their name. Anybody who's a fan of this early era of TV will be able to complete 10/13 names or more, no sweat. Good luck!
  1. On Gunsmoke, Dennis Weaver famously played Matt Dillon's trusty partner, Chester [???]
  2. On The Honeymooners, Ralph was always saying, "to the moon" to Alice, but what was Ed Norton's wife's name? [???] Norton
  3. On The Donna Reed Show, Donna Reed starred, but what was her character's family name?
  4. On Leave It to Beaver, Wally's best buddy was named: [???] Haskell
  5. On I Love Lucy, Doris Singleton famously played Lucy's "frenemy": Caroline [???]
  6. The assistant trail master on Wagon Train was appropriately named what? Bill [???]
  7. Perry Mason was continually matching wits with the District Attorney: Hamilton [???]
  8. On 77 Sunset Strip, Edd Byrnes played the breakout character known as [???] Kookson III.
  9. On Bonanza, Sheriff Roy Coffee's deputy was named what? [???] Foster
  10. On Father Knows Best, Jim Anderson has a son. What was his name: [???] Anderson
  11. On The Rifleman, Lucas McCain was the dad, but what was his son's name? [???] McCain
  12. Before Jim Backus joined Gilligan's Island, on I Married Joan, he married Joan: [???] Stevens
  13. Last question is easy as pie for fifties fans: Steve McQueen starred in the TV Western Wanted: Dead or Alive as: [???] Randall
Can you complete the names of all these 1950s TV characters?

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bobb9343 8 days ago
"I Married Joan?" Come on, now. But I still missed two others that had to do with shows I never watched. Guessing works sometimes, but not often enough.
Geronimo 11 days ago
Its a good thing I watch all these 60's shows..................12/13
CarrieMcCourt 13 days ago
11/13 I don't remember Sheriff "Coffee" even having a deputy. And I thought the sheriff's last name was "Toffee". I also missed the "I Married Joan" question. Seriously?
Geronimo CarrieMcCourt 11 days ago
this was too easy quiz
flasteve 13 days ago
Having never seen I Married Joan, I missed that one. 12/13 Not bad being born in 57 I guess, and depending on reruns
CarrieMcCourt flasteve 13 days ago
I missed the Joan one too. I've only seen a couple of them on a PBS station that shows classic TV shows.
Legion1a 13 days ago
I didn't know four of them, but I only got one wrong.
Lucky guesses worked this time.
Geronimo Legion1a 11 days ago
if you say so
Gregory 13 days ago
I know '50s characters like I know the back of my han....whoa, when did that mole pop up? 7/13
Tampammm 14 days ago
Missed I Married Joan. Knew he was a Judge though.
Joposa Tampammm 13 days ago
I didn't know that one either but I lucked out. I guessed right, and got 13/13.
JeffTanner 16 days ago
You got 12 out of 13 ----------Congrats! You got the verdict you were hoping for!
booster 18 days ago
12/13 I missed the deputy on Bonanza.
EllisClevenger 18 days ago
You got 12 out of 13
Congrats! You got the verdict you were hoping for!

ndebrabant 19 days ago

You got 12 out of 13
Congrats! You got the verdict you were hoping for!
UnicornPrincess 20 days ago
10/13. Missed Josh Randall, Clem Foster, and Kookie Kookson III. Not too bad, though!
teire 20 days ago
13/13, 50s born and bred.
By the way, Caroline Appleby was originally Lillian Appleby for her debut episode, her character’s first name had changed by the next time we saw her.
UnicornPrincess teire 20 days ago
Huh, I didn't know that!
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