Can you guess the Western character based on random items?

Will you pass the mission or fail and get defeated by the bad guys?

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Are you one of those classic fans that can easily figure out a Western show or character based on the most random things? This quiz is perfect for you. Even if you aren't, take it anyway because you may know more than you thought.

We want to know if you can guess the right character based on random items.

You're on a mission in the West, and the only way to complete it is to pass this quiz. Good luck!

  1. Here's a badge. What Western character is wearing it?
  2. Here's a fancy notepad. What Western character is wearing the suit?
  3. It might not look like it, but this is a flask. What Western character is reaching for it?
  4. Here's a lovely violin. What Western character is playing it?
  5. Here's a hat. Who's the Western character next to it holding a baby?
  6. Here are ink stamps. What Western character is on the right?
  7. Here's a book. What Western character is on the left?
  8. Here's a shotgun. Which Western character is in the middle firing it?

Can you guess the Western character based on random items?

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garytelecastor 12 months ago
this is the type of individual you are all having problems with guns. can't even ID an action rifle from a shotgun.
Dajj 13 months ago
6/8 Set ‘em up, barkeep!!
Geronimo 13 months ago
Congratulations, you passed your mission! You should have your own Western show!
Pastorgman 13 months ago
5) - What hat, where’s the baby?
8) - That’s Lucas McCain but he is not
firing a shotgun; he’s firing his rifle!
Shame on you MeTV!
ironman2000 13 months ago
7 of 8 Question 3 very tricky.
nerakr 13 months ago
8/8. And I don't watch Westerns. Backgrounds made some of them easy.
graceful1970 13 months ago
Here's the moment of truth. You got 6 out of 8
TheSentinel 13 months ago
7/8 - only got thrown by #3 (and only because there wasn't a clothing clue to help me guess which character it was, as I did with all the others).
edclaybaughSr 13 months ago
Seth Adams wearing a wedding ring?
CinziaV edclaybaughSr 13 months ago
That threw me too!
Guinness 13 months ago
7/8 missed #4 . #8 Shotgun ? I never saw Lucas shoot a shotgun.
Tresix 13 months ago
6/8. Lucas McCain is firing a rifle, not a shotgun.
DeborahRoberts 13 months ago
"You should have your own Western show." Yes, I've always known that. 🤣
JERRY6 13 months ago
6 of 8 missed palladin and seth
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