Can you guess what all these quirky businesses are selling in the 1960s Batman?

Can you fill in these Gotham City signs?

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Unlike the dark, grimy Gothams in recent Batman adaptations, the city that Adam West’s Bruce Wayne called home was as colorful and far-out as the shows many villains. With streets that looked suspiciously similar to studio backlot roadways and a rockin’ surf scene, it was the southern California version of the iconic comic book city.

Part of what gave the Sixties Gotham its character were the offices, shops and museums that made up downtown. There were plenty of quirky businesses seen on the show, some that helped Batman and Robin solve crimes and others that were opened by the villains.

Here are 10 businesses from Adam West’s Batman. Can you guess what each place sells or makes?

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  1. Crespies ______
  2. This was a hip hangout for…
  3. Lila’s ______ Shop
  4. Minerva’s Mineral___
  5. What did K.G. Bird and co. sell?
  6. Easy Living ______ Store
  7. This Penguin establishment was a…
  8. Little Used ______
  9. Morpheus ______
  10. Pink Chip ______ Factory

Can you guess what all these quirky businesses are selling in the 1960s Batman?

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Geronimo 12 months ago
Hang Five! You got them all right.
CaroleThorpe 21 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Surf’s up! Just like your score. Don’t forget your utility belt when you hit the waves!
RichLorn 21 months ago
I tried paying at the Easy Living Candy Store with BatDollars, and got my skittles kicked out the door.
dodgebob 21 months ago
4/10, Unholy outcome Batman, gosh what happened?
Unclear Robin, looks like we got batpoop on our hands.
Kinda like stepping on dogpoop in wet grass.
Terrence 21 months ago
If I'd miss just one, I need my a** whipped
JHP 21 months ago

dont know why HS kids would visit a candy store

BUT - I love the show - that show above all others takes me back before I knew a razor and shaving cream :)
Stoney 21 months ago
9 for 10. Missed the Penguins Nest
Rob 21 months ago
I really only watch Batman to see Catwoman. I don’t really pay much attention to the business signs.
JHP Rob 21 months ago
catwoman was a good lesson in anatomy for us males born in '59
BrittReid JHP 21 months ago
Amen to that!
nd1irish 21 months ago
Riddle me this: What can you put in a bucket to make it weigh less? (Answer below)
Rails22 nd1irish 21 months ago
A hole old chum!
leebillyold 21 months ago
Rob leebillyold 21 months ago
What’s happening in the top photo?
MikefromJersey Rob 21 months ago
Rob asked "What’s happening in the top photo?"

Good question, you never know with leebillyold, it could be asking people to boo
the American flag. Check out his tasteless and vulgar posting of a picture of
the new Freedom Tower in NYC where he hopes for a rerun of 911 by his idea of
a vengeful deity. I politely asked him to explain why, but he won't respond or
even remove the disgusting posting. I saw the Towers come down, people
jumping to their death so they wouldn't burn, this sort of thing doesn't
belong on these boards that are for fun.
Somebody has to stand up for those victims, thats why I am asking
leebillyold to please remove that demeaning insult to their memories.
Be nice leebillyold, and a good citizen, please remove the offending post.
Michael MikefromJersey 21 months ago
I thought it wss a woman.
DethBiz 21 months ago
8 out of 10. Holy red herring, Batman. I got tangled up in some of Joker's trick confetti on numbers 8 and 9.
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