Can you guess what show the cast of The Dick Van Dyke Show is on now?

Try not to trip tracking The Dick Van Dyke Show cast through TV history.

The Dick Van Dyke Show cast could do it all. They sang, they danced, they wrote jokes, and season after season, they performed their hugely talented hearts out. 

It's no wonder all these actors were pulled into so many other shows, either before or after joining this famous cast.

Think you can remember every show that featured Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, Rose Marie, Richard Deacon, Morey Amsterdam and, of course, Alan Brady himself Carl Reiner? Shoot for the stars below!
  1. This goggled shot of Dick Van Dyke is from the opening credits of which mystery show?
  2. Here's Mary Tyler Moore, but is she on her own show or a different Seventies show?
  3. Rose Marie made a good "mother" to the boys on which Sixties hit?
  4. Richard Deacon was called in to cure a frog on which campy classic?
  5. Carl Reiner famously reprised his Alan Brady role on which Nineties sitcom?
  6. Here's Morey Amsterdam and Rose Marie, together again in the Eighties on which show?
  7. Here's Dick Van Dyke growing rather impatient on which Seventies show that briefly welcomed him to the cast?
  8. Rose Marie didn't have to get all dolled up for this dusty guest spot on which Western?
  9. Morey sold some jokes to a young kid trying to develop new talents on which show?
  10. Dick Van Dyke aroused suspicion when he took a guest role on which detective series?
  11. Carl Reiner was celebrity enough to show up as himself on which Sixties show?
  12. Here's Mary Tyler Moore playing a beauty a cowboy swoons for on which TV Western?
  13. One of Dick Van Dyke's earliest roles was playing cousin to the star of which military sitcom?
  14. Bonus question: Richard Deacon played a role in a memorable episode of The Twilight Zone. Which episode was it?

Can you guess what show the cast of The Dick Van Dyke Show is on now?

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RedSamRackham 12 months ago
* Morey Amsterdam hilarious as a hack comedy writer selling corny old jokes to Danny Partridge! ☺
CaptainDunsel 15 months ago
13.5 of 14
Missed #9 (literally) because of a finger slip while scrolling. (le sigh)
Lacey 16 months ago
13/14 missing the last one.
Of course, you could have used Richard Deacon on Love American Style.
ETristanBooth 16 months ago
12/14. They left out Rose Marie on My Three Sons.
Wyatt 16 months ago
I admit I got one by luck
You got 13 out of 14
Thanks for playing along, you were brilliant as The Dick Van Dyke Show cast, show after show!
AndrewHass 16 months ago
I was 13/14 and the only question i got wrong was the last one.So i think did ok.
Barry22 16 months ago
13/14, missed the last one.
Lacey Barry22 16 months ago
We seem to all have.
MrsPhilHarris 16 months ago
13/14 Couldn't remember which show Steve McQueen was on.
Lantern 16 months ago
The girl who is pictured with Mary Tyler Moore is Lisa Gerritsen (played the daughter of Chloris Leachman's character). Always wondered what happened to her - obviously she's not in show business any more.
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