Can you match these classic TV shows to their original titles?

Wait, which beloved sitcom began as 'Head of the Family'??

Some people say that your first idea is always your best. Nah. Several classic TV shows have proven that false. 

Name changes can be for the good. But not always.

Whatever title you might prefer, the fact is some television series changed their name after production began. A few rethought the title immediately after the pilot episodes — some others waited until the second, third, fourth season.

See if you can match these before-and-after titles from TV history.

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  1. A fan letter campaign saved Battlestar Galactic from cancelation. It returned for a second season titled…?
  2. The Danny Thomas Show originally went by this title.
  3. The 1980s Jason Bateman sitcom The Hogan Family began under this title.
  4. Wonder Woman changed networks… and changed its title to this for its second and third seasons.
  5. Saved by the Bell began in a different setting under this alternate title.
  6. Sebastian Cabot hosted the spooky anthology series Circle of Fear. What was it originally called for its first 13 episodes?
  7. The Ed Sullivan Show began under this title.
  8. The pilot episode of this cherished family sitcom aired as "It's a Small World" on the anthology series Heinz Studio 57.
  9. The pilot for this classic sitcom had a different title — Head of the Family — and a different lead actor!
  10. In its sixth season, this 1980s sitcom was retitled The Ted Knight Show. What was it originally called?
  11. This unlikely detective show spin-off was retitled Kate Loves a Mystery in its second season. What was it originally called?
  12. Which 1990s sitcom was called These Friends of Mine in its first season.

Can you match these classic TV shows to their original titles?

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MikefromJersey 3 days ago
Bonus Question:
What classic 1960's CBS series was originally titled The Searchers? Warner Brothers objected to it's title as it had previously produced the immortal Duke Wayne western "The Searchers".
Best thing that could've of happened. Changed to Route 66. Very good trivia. I doubt that one in a 1000 people knew this. Since I got it right (I looked it up though) Give us more like this instead of Ole Barnaby showing at 4 a.m in the morning. The Searchers and Route 66 is some good stuff.
JDnHuntsvilleAL 3 days ago
The pilot for this classic sitcom had a different title — Head of the Family — and a different lead actor!

And that different lead actor was????

Drum roll please.

Wiseguy 4 days ago
These Friends of Mine was a better show than Ellen. Better theme song, better opening credits (reminiscent of the Friends opening which premiered that fall. Coincidence?), better cast. Then one female friend left before the 13-episode first season was over and the other female friend left after the season was over (for some reason two of these episodes were held over to the third season). Then the title was changed to Ellen for the reruns putting more emphasis on the star than the ensemble. Finally, a couple of seasons later the male friend left. None of the replacements was an improvement and in two of the cases the replacement was an obnoxious unfunny character. I stopped watching it long before the "gay" revelation.
HopeDuchaine 4 days ago
7/12. I don't remember most of these.
DavidBarker 4 days ago
You got 6 out of 12
Well, are you the head of the family… or was this quiz more of a circle of fear?
This was a tough one for me...
AgingDisgracefully 4 days ago
Wasn't the sunglasses, hands-on-hips guy with red hair furious when the producers went with CSI: Miami over The David Caruso Show?
EricFuller 4 days ago
12/12. Here's an idea. The foreign titles of American TV shows.
I'd like to see American Shows Ripped from British Television. One example? "Man About the House". In the U.S. it was "Three's Company".
There's so many. OK, gang, what are the titles of the American versions of the following British sitcoms:
Absolutely Fabulous
Birds of a Feather
Dear John (OK, an easy one)
Fawlty Towers (2 series and a pilot)
For the Love of Ada
George and Mildred
Home to Roost
Keep It in the Family
Mind Your Language
On the Buses
One Foot in the Grave (hardly recognizable in the American version)
The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin
Robin's Nest
Steptoe and Son
Til Death Do Us Part
Two's Company
kathyo 6 days ago
OMG... i got a 3 out of 12...:(
Runeshaper 6 days ago
I did so bad on that quiz LOL Wasn't aware of any of these title changes :)
GregLemieux 7 days ago
Small correction on Circle of Fear. Sebastian Cabot only hosted it when it was called Ghost Story. After the name change to Circle of Fear, they no longer had a host or any commentary before the story.
MarkSpeck 8 days ago
In the case of Mrs. Columbo, the producers realized they made a mistake associating it with Columbo. They fixed it by having her divorce the good Lieutenant and revert to her maiden name of Callahan. They also gave her a boyfriend who was a cop, played by Don Stroud.
MarkSpeck 8 days ago
This was the second show to be called The Ted Knight Show. He had a short-lived show of the same name about a year after MTM ended, a sitcom where he ran a modeling agency.
KathyMcKinny MarkSpeck 3 days ago
After the 1st one named that bombed, I'm surprised they reused the was doing fine as TCFC.
They changed the title because they reformatted the show. The daughters were gone (thus no one to be too close too) and Henry and Muriel moved to Mill Valley CA where Henry became the co-editor of a newspaper along with Pat Carroll as his crusty foil. Of course they had to bring freakin' Monroe with them! Sadly, Ted passed away after doing one season of this format.
DavidBartholomew 8 days ago
#3 Valerie Harper left the show in a contract dispute and Sandy Duncan replaced her. Mom died and Aunt Sandy moved into the house!

Nothing to see here, foljs. Nothing suspicious at all!
Valerie should have stayed instead of basically going on strike for more money. After this her career as a TV star was basically over. She quickly became a "has been" appearing on high class junk like LOVE BOAT and years later DANCING WITH THE STARS.
Pacificsun Samuel 8 days ago
Not unlike Suzanne Sommers regarding TV. Though she has made a name for hereself in other ways!
KathyMcKinny Samuel 3 days ago
She learned nothing from Suzanne Somers nasty exit from 3's company huh????? I guess she thought as the "star" of the show, she was safe from the chopping block......NOPE!!
Mirramanee Samuel 1 day ago
Agree that Valerie Harper should have stayed with the show. It was great with her in it. I wasn't feeling it as much once Sandy Duncan took over. David Caruso also left a great role in NYPD Blue in order to pursue a movie career (can't really blame him there), but he was brilliant as the detective in NYPD Blue. That show, however, did manage to grow and get better without him and David's movie career did not really take off. I am glad he landed on CSI: Miami, though.
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