Can you name the show from its wedding-related episode?

Say "I do," with these classic wedding-themed episodes.

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Wedding bells are always ringing on TV. One of the most satisfying experiences we can have as viewers is watching a character we've grown to love share that same love with a new partner. So, it's no wonder that many successful programs have at least one wedding episode. 

With all that rice being thrown around, and all those bouquets tossed up in the air, sometimes it's hard to tell one wedding-themed episode from another. That's why we need you, dear viewer, to solve the mysteries. Who's getting married? What show are they on? Did you see this episode when it first aired, or have you caught it in re-runs? Check it out, and share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Walt Clayton is bound to protect his daughter from marrying a young local boy on which TV Western?
  2. A whole town rallies around a wedding here in which show?
  3. "Wedding March" is an episode of which classic detective series?
  4. The lead characters can't agree on how long they've been married on which program?
  5. This stunning scenery is taken from "Happily Ever After," an episode of which show?
  6. "Marry-Go-Round" is a cartoon from which series?
  7. Who solved "The Case of the Married Moonlighter?"
  8. This image is from a two-part episode of which of the following shows?

Can you name the show from its wedding-related episode?

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Cougar90 6 months ago
2 out of 10. I'll just blame it on the flu.
C3children 10 months ago
4/8….guess I need to watch more old programs
MargretNoMarGREAT 10 months ago
4/8! I wish I could do better... I guess I'm okay with 50% but this isn't up for my standards... 😟
Hollie 10 months ago
#4 is NOT from Green Acres
Bret Hollie 10 months ago
It is clearly the Shady Rest Hotel - Petticoat Junction
vinman63 Hollie 10 months ago
No house looked that good on GA.
C3children Hollie 10 months ago
I thought the same thing…geez
JHP 10 months ago
gee I got #8 wrong - I wonder why and then #4 was zen dirty pool

4/8 - orwell
Lacey 10 months ago
7 out of 8. A bit of a surprise for me.
kkvegas Lacey 10 months ago
Me, too. I guessed on almost all of them.
Mac2Nite 10 months ago
6/8... and that was mostly just guessing...😉
JeffPaul76 10 months ago
"You got 4 out of 8 -----Maybe this whole "Til death do us part" thing just isn't for you! ------I got 3, 5, 6, & 8 wrong.
BuckeyeBeth 10 months ago
7/8. The last one tripped me up. I had a brainfart. I should’ve remembered the first episode Brady Bunch was not a two-parter but that cake topper just looked so 1969/1970s Brady Bunch that I tapped it.
JHP BuckeyeBeth 10 months ago
did that groom cake thingy look a bit strange? It doesn't look like a GI-Joe
dodgebob 10 months ago
2/8, 1st marriage 4 yrs., this marriage 42 yrs, the moral to this story, wait 4 yrs.
JHP dodgebob 10 months ago
mine was 13 yrs - now been there done that
geisler2 10 months ago
6/8...What a way to go.(lol)
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