Can you name these Flintstones villains?

Who knew the Stone Age had so many mad scientists?

The Flintstones began as a Stone Age take on comedies from the Fifties and Sixties. Heavily inspired by The Honeymooners, the first few seasons mostly revolved around domestic squabbles and friendly competition – stories that weren’t that different from live-action sitcoms at the time.

As the show continued, the plots became more outlandish in amazing ways. Hanna-Barbera utilized the medium of animation to its full effect parodying Hollywood, expanding to other places outside of Bedrock and even introducing aliens.

Many, though not all, of the villains in this quiz come from the later episodes. There are mad scientists, feared criminals and even a huge whale-asaurus.

How well do you know the antagonists from The Flintstones? See how many you can name below!

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  1. Fred certainly saw his boss as a villain. What was his name?
  2. This crook has which piano-inspired nickname?
  3. The Flintstones parodied James Bond with this villain…
  4. Fred suspects his creepy Hitchcock-esque neighbor named…
  5. In the episode “Monster Fred” the Flintstones encounter the evil doctor…
  6. Fred feuds with a hillbilly family named…
  7. A haunted house episode saw Fred and Barney scared by which three creeps?
  8. What is the name of this giant white whale-asaurus?
  9. Feared criminal Elroy Quartzstone was given the ominous nickname…
  10. This pilot was an enemy of Fred’s grandfather.

Can you name these Flintstones villains?

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amandatulloch 11 hours ago
10/10. I sure know my Fintstones.
JohnGrant 20 hours ago
8/10 ...some because the wrong answers didn't seem familiar. A hee-hee-hee
Kergooliewyn 23 hours ago
7/10 Three stones short of a boulder.
ClassicTVnut 23 hours ago
7/10 not bad, but maybe I should spend more time in Bedrock.
UnforgettableG 1 day ago
I got 10 out of 10 probably because I got a kick out all those goofy characters and they're pretty Unforgettable I was always in stitches haha
Pacificsun 1 day ago
Well, it's certain been a week and a day of The Flintstones!!!
LoveMETV22 Pacificsun 21 hours ago
Now we'll have a week of Sally Field. Wonder what MeTV will have in the way of Stories and Quizzes.
Michael 1 day ago
Why not a Jonny Quest quiz?

Mad scientists were pretty common on shows in the sixties. Gilligan's Island had one. Get Smart had one or two. None others come to.mind, but it seemed a common thing.
Coolrain 1 day ago
You got 10 out of 10
I am loving the Flintstones quizzes
JERRY6 2 days ago
9 out of 10 I[m upset thought I knew the stones beter than that
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