Can you spot the real Spock?

Guess which one of these covered characters is the Vulcan crew member.

One of the most well-known figures from classic sci-fi – really all sci-fi – is Spock from the original Star Trek. Many of his lines, actions and even facial expressions are now iconic.

But could you pick out the real Spock alongside many other Spocks? Here are 20 Star Trek images where each character’s face is covered by the face of Leonard Nimoy as his most famous character.

Pick the number you think correlates to the real Spock in each image!

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  1. Which one of these is Spock?
  2. Who is Spock in this image?
  3. Which character is Spock?
  4. Which one of these three is Spock?
  5. What about these three?
  6. Who is Spock at this table?
  7. Is Spock lying down here or is he one of the two standing?
  8. Who is Spock of these three?
  9. Is Spock number 1 or number 2?
  10. Which one of these three is Spock?
  11. There are six Spocks here, but which Spock is the real Spock?
  12. Can you spot Spock here?
  13. Which one of these crew members is Spock?
  14. Which one of these four is Spock?
  15. Which one of them is Spock?
  16. Where is Spock in this image?
  17. Which person in this group is Spock?
  18. Which one of these three is Spock?
  19. Who is Spock in this group?
  20. Which one of these seven Spocks is the real Spock?

Can you spot the real Spock?

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TCKirkham 18 days ago
14/20 - not bad, it's hard to tell the ones with McCoy and Spock if they're not standing next to each other (Spock is taller)!
GSpegal 22 days ago
Because it was stupid and not logical.
kimmer 22 days ago
Oh Kimmer....12/20....for shame!
Greg 29 days ago
20/20. I must be half Vulcan.
Wenatchee7 30 days ago
13/20 whose great idea was this one? Still fun to guess.
MikefromJersey 1 month ago
13 for 20.
I always enjoyed when Nimoy turned up on Sea Hunt.
MrBill 1 month ago
7/20; never watched the show.
Greg 1 month ago
16/20 Knew Spock wore blue most of the time and had to gold rings on his sleeve. The 1 with him in jump suit fooled me.
Brian 1 month ago
What did the Vulcan miner say? (below)

I got 12 right... like others have said: mostly in a blue shirt, tricorder, skinny build, yada, yada.

🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩 "Live long and prospect." 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

JD1701 1 month ago
20 of 20. Obviously familiar with the episodes. Also, Nimoys build (thin, tall), uniforms, equipment (McCoy wears blue, but carries medical pouch), etc. Yep...I'm a solid Trekkie.
daDoctah JD1701 1 month ago
McCoy carries the medical tricorder, and often wears short sleeves. Also, of the figures in blue uniforms, Nimoy was usually the tallest and had the best posture.
Tlor 1 month ago
I missed 7 looked more for the stomach area which wasn't always showing, he was thinner than the Captain and I don't recall him wearing short sleeves or in a tree!
Greg Tlor 1 month ago
I think him in the tree is from the episode where a plant shoots him with spores and take away his inhibitions.
I think that episode was called This Side Of Paradise.
EmBee 1 month ago
Anyone who knows anything about Star Trek uniforms will get at least 15. I was wondering if they would get around to showing one from the 2nd pilot where he wore yellow and they did. And then I missed it 'cause I forgot in that ep that he only had 1 ring around the wrist not the normal 2 he had the rest of the time. The other one I missed was the one where they were sitting around the table. I tried to reason whether or not Spock would drink coffee. 'Course he just might or there may have been something else in the cups. There were a couple where he wore a jump suit but I knew those eps.
Greg EmBee 1 month ago
Yup the 1 around the table I didn't think Spock would have his back to the camera
Claude Greg 1 month ago
That's the one that got me, also.
The first few were as simple as: Pick the one that has his hands clasped behind his back.
That's the way Spock stood 90% of the time.
Luvoldshows 1 month ago
18/20. Star Trek is one of my all time faves. But, only the original 60s show.
jimmyvici 1 month ago
12/20...obviously the yellow shirts aren’t Spock. Or the red ones. Oh well. Live long and prosper friends. 🖖
JERRY6 1 month ago
12 of 20 not very good made a few mistakes i knew were wrong the second i hot the key. of course there is no way to know the right answer just have to take the word of metv
There are ways to know the right answer: A. Click on a number METV hadn't chosen {for a few questions,} as the right answer. B. His body positioning. The way he stands, if you recognize his hands,. In one photo he is seated, {#6} the way his hands were positioned, his fingers were tented. I would look and think is this a Spock body position? Is this how he would sit/stand? These theories didn't always work, because I wound up missing 8 answers.
He had his hands behind his back a lot on the show.
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