Can you tell the difference between Fred Flintstone and Ralph Kramden?

Did this happen on The Honeymooners or The Flintstones?


As many know, The Honeymooners inspired The Flintstones. It makes perfect sense once you think about it. Both shows center around two working-class couples. Barney Rubble and Ed Norton sound a lot alike. Fred Flintsone and Ralph Kramden have similar appearances — and temperaments. 

Joseph Barbera of Hanna-Barbera took the comparison as a compliment: "Well, if you compare Flintstones to Honeymooners, that's the biggest compliment you can give me."

In fact, you can see the similarities on MeTV, when we air The Flintstones and The Honeymooners back-to-back every Sunday at 10PM | 9C. We pair up thematically similar episodes to show the parallels. 

So, think you can tell Ralph and Fred apart? Try to ace this quiz!

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  1. He drove a bus for a living.
  2. He had a mother-in-law named Pearl.
  3. He once took ballet lessons to improve his bowling game.
  4. He was a member of the Raccoon Lodge.
  5. One of his prized possessions was a horn given to him by his dad.
  6. He had the nickname "Twinkletoes."
  7. He dressed in a homemade "Man from Space" costume for Halloween, because he couldn't afford a fancy king costume.
  8. He appeared on a game show called 'The $99,000 Answer.'
  9. He once posed as a driver named "Goggles Paisano."
  10. His singing skills earned him the nickname "The Golden Smog."
  11. To make money, he tried to sell a gadget called the Handy Housewife Helper.
  12. We learn in "The Birthday Party" this his birthday is also Groundhog Day.
  13. He eventually has grandkids named Chip and Roxy.
  14. The role of his wife was first performed by the actress Pert Kelton.

Can you tell the difference between Fred Flintstone and Ralph Kramden?

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Mark 14 months ago
10 out of 14. Thought I knew both these guys inside and out. Guess I was wrong!
BuckeyeBeth7 14 months ago
11/14 I missed 2, 12 & 14. I should have known those 😕
Tresix 14 months ago
13/14, I missed the birthday question. Didn’t know Groundhog Day went back THAT far.
DarioWiter 48 months ago
13 out of 14! 👍👍👍👍👍 😁😁😁😁😁
Flintstoneman 48 months ago
Bang Zoom Alice Up To the Moon The Honeymooners
hermanstein2015 51 months ago
Quazimo 53 months ago
13/14 missed that birthday party question
x60hz11 53 months ago
They are totally 100% wrong on #7. Nowhere in "The Man From Space" is Halloween EVER mentioned. It's simply referred to as "the costume party". Also I want MeTV to show me where Ralph wants to dress up as "A fancy king"
Tresix x60hz11 14 months ago
When Ralph asks Alice for the money to rent a costume, he tells her he wants to dress as Henry VIII. When she refuses, he asks for a lesser amount and he can be Billy The Kid. Alice says no again and says she’ll give him a tin can and he can be “Billy The Goat”.
EastIndy24 53 months ago
TERRIBLE on this quiz 10 out of 14...

Oh twell...
texasluva 53 months ago
You got 11 out of 14
Yabba-dabba-doo! You should feel over the moon for acing that one. Yabba-dabba-nooooooo! I missed 3! It's like winning the participation trophy Thank you! Come back again loser . I'm Slip Slidin' Away Only thing I have to say to that is Blabbermouth!
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