Can you tell which Looney Tunes characters are in these close-up images?

Can you correctly conjecture these cropped cartoon characters?

Images: Warner Bros.

The Looney Tunes gang are some of the most recognizable animated characters in history. Bugs, Daffy, Elmer, Tweety and the rest continue to entertain audiences of all ages all over the world.

But could you still recognize them if the picture was really zoomed in? Here are 15 close-up images of famous Looney Tunes characters. Try to guess who each one is!

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  1. Who is this?
  2. Who is this?
  3. Who is this?
  4. Who is this?
  5. Who is this?
  6. Who is this?
  7. Who is this?
  8. Who is this?
  9. Who is this?
  10. Who is this?
  11. Who is this?
  12. Who is this?
  13. Who is this?
  14. Who is this?
  15. Who is this?

Can you tell which Looney Tunes characters are in these close-up images?

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lilbit31720 17 hours ago
13/15 I'm happy 😁 with that
DMZABO 3 days ago
Missed one! Pretty easy though
CaptainDunsel 3 days ago
And yes, I missed the first one. I dunno *what* the [bleep] I was thinking!
dodgebob 3 days ago
13/15, vadea, vadea that's all folks, beep beep, I say I say, I taught I taught I'd do betta, dang varment.
SashaPayneDiaz 4 days ago
15/15 Got lucky w/ Beaky Buzzard.....a total guess.
CouchPotato987 4 days ago
Only missed Beaky Buzzard...I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of Beaky Buzzard? Does anyone know who Beaky Buzzard was?
HansShultz1 5 days ago
Uff course I gott a guud score. I vatch tv vitt dee prisoners.
a1k9 5 days ago
15/15 This was the easiest one,yet.
120766 5 days ago
Love the cartoons me tv. But how about some old toy commercials.
cperrynaples 120766 5 days ago
They don't earn revenue for MeTV! You can always search YouTube for those!
RobertK 120766 3 days ago
When METV started in Chicago as a local station, around 2005, I remember that they did slip in some vintage commercials for toys, laundry soap and such and even an old "3 Stooges for Simoniz car polish" ad, in with the commercial breaks. That all went away when they started to go national.
toonlover 5 days ago
I got all 15 right on the quiz! Easy!
toonlover 5 days ago
SO happy to see Saturday morning and weekday cartoons back on the air! Not these newer cartoons but the older and BEST cartoons ever made! looney Tunes is the BEST!
frances3agape 6 days ago
HAPPY with 13 of 15
Missed no 8 - guessed Henery Hawk instead of Tweety) and
no 13 - guessed Babbit and Catstello and no idea who Hubie and Bertie were
DMZABO frances3agape 3 days ago
Yeah that #13 tripped me up as well.
BrentwoodJon 6 days ago
14/15 How did Pepe le pew get the white stripe on his stomach ?
YES, that was a stumper, but I guessed right
Did you know he came on to Penelope AND Sylvester? He's definitely a "gay blade"...LOL!
I remember Sylvester and another cat with white paint spilled down their backs?
The only Penelope I recall is Penelope Pig. Is that to whom you are referring? (Since watching Sheldon always correcting grammar and syntax on Big Bang Theory, it's rubbed off on me!)
DMZABO BrentwoodJon 3 days ago
I’d say paint but that was usually reserved for the female cat that would catch the paint brush. GreT question though.
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