Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: "Barney and the Choir"

In which Barney's singing falls flat


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This quiz is about Season 2, Episode 20: "Barney and the Choir". See which details you recall, and which you might need a little refresher on. Good luck, have fun, and be sure to share your score (cumulative or otherwise) in the comment section below!

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  1. Which Mayberry lady is Barney singing about at the beginning of the episode?
  2. What's the choir director's name?
  3. Which choir member has dropped out?
  4. Barney volunteers to join the choir, singing which part?
  5. What's the name of the lady who plays piano for the choir?
  6. The choir keeps referring to their song "Welcome Sweet Springtime" by which music sheet number?
  7. Barney: "All god's children got a _________!"
  8. Barney compares himself to which kind of animal?
  9. Who sings from behind a curtain, tricking Barney into thinking he's doing a great job?
  10. What "prevents" Barney from singing in the choir again?

Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: "Barney and the Choir"

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Shakes73 1 month ago
Not a lick! Lol
PlutoTV has 24/7 Andy Griffith :-)
Not gonna lie, the show wasnt very good without Barney around after he left.
Don Knotts made the show also Otis Campbell was a hoot lol
Agreed, but it was more than just Barney not being there. Even the episodes he was in during the color years weren't very good, the writing was bad. But on the other hand, in the B&W episodes even some of the episodes without Barney were great.
Thecolonel 2 months ago
9/10. Barney in the choir? But he can’t sing. Not a lick
Zip 2 months ago
Surprised I got #6 right, the sheet music number question. Guessed pretty good on that one.
MaryOK 2 months ago
Was Don Knotts really tone deaf or just faking it for the episode? I don't know how the cast kept from laughing.
NorthFork 2 months ago
8/10 Surprised there wasn't a question about Andy Griffith's actual wife being in this episode.
BradBeall 2 months ago
9 out of 10 again. I just can't seem to "go the distance".
Maybe you need a sugar pick me up when you get your sinking spell later in the day
ASperos 2 months ago
10/10!!! My very favorite Barney episode!!!
Gradyb77 2 months ago
10/10. I laughed so hard on that episode I hurt my larynx.
You got an organ in your throat?
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