Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: "Barney's Replacement"

In which there's a new deputy in town!


Journey back to Mayberry each day with a chronological quiz testing your knowledge of each episode in order. Let's see how long we can all keep the streak going!

It's up to you to keep track of your score, and we work on the honor system here in Mayberry. Missed a quiz? Just click here, and you'll have the chance to catch up!

This quiz is about Season 2, Episode 2: "Barney's Replacement". See which details you recall, and which you might need a little refresher on. Good luck, have fun, and be sure to share your score (cumulative or otherwise) in the comment section below!

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  1. When the episode opens, Barney is taking too seriously his role in charge of what?
  2. Andy sees Opie off to school, telling him to do a good day's work and...
  3. What kind of sign has Barney failed to secure?
  4. What's the name of the man from the state attorney's office?
  5. "A wink's as good as a nod to a ___________."
  6. The new deputy correctly predicts a case of what?
  7. Barney picks up a new job. What does he sell?
  8. Emma says Barney formerly arrested her for which crime?
  9. How many sales does Barney make?
  10. Barney is arrested for violating which statute?

Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: "Barney's Replacement"

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STTOS 2 months ago
You got 10 out of 10 - Way to go! You're irreplaceable. I do like my TAGS.
ElwooodBlues 2 months ago
10/10 Question No.5 - wink is as good as a NOD to a blind mule.
frenchman71 2 months ago
10/10. Again, one of the better episodes. This new deputy was sharp. But I don't think he woulda given anyone a break in town. I liked it when Barney was trying to sell a vacuum to Clara Edwards. She asked him, "Where's your uniform, Barney? Did you lose a bet?"
Zip 2 months ago
A nice fella, that Bob Rogers. He would have been a nice addition to the Mayberry Sheriff's dept. But he would have been like another Andy, just more by-the-book. Maybe a little too much.
mda 2 months ago
10/10. Hey, who has been messing up the bulletin board?
tanya7100 2 months ago
My question is...how did Bob Rogers know where to go to investigate the couple having the domestic issue? He was the new guy...I don't remember Andy telling him where to go and surely he didn't know where everyone lived in Mayberry! Or am I making a big moulage out of it?
frenchman71 tanya7100 2 months ago
I thought about that, too. Nowadays, when police are dispatched to a domestic they dispatch 2 patrols. At least here where I live, they do.
tanya7100 frenchman71 2 months ago
I'm not sure if that's the same for where I live since I live in a small town but normally I only see one police car for other incidents. We haven't had any Fred and Jenny Boone people in the neighborhood in a while!
CrumblyCrunchies 2 months ago
8 of 10. Gee. That and a dollar may get you a cup of coffee
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