Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: ''Mr. McBeevee''

In which Opie may or may not have a new friend!

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We've reached season 3! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

If you're just joining us, welcome. If you're already familiar with the Daily Andy Griffith Quiz, welcome back.

Journey back to Mayberry each weekday with a chronological quiz testing your knowledge of each episode in order. Let's see how long we can all keep the streak going!

It's up to you to keep track of your score, and we work on the honor system here in Mayberry. Missed a quiz? Just click here, and you'll have the chance to catch up!

This quiz is about Season 3, Episode 1: "Mr. McBeevee". See which details you recall, and which you might need a little refresher on. Good luck, have fun, and be sure to share your score (cumulative or otherwise) in the comment section below!

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  1. What does Opie have to tie up on his way into the kitchen?
  2. Barney says he can't wait to see how well ___________ nuzzles up to him.
  3. Where does Opie meet Mr. McBeevee?
  4. Opie's new friend gives him a...
  5. Mr. McBeevee says he has...
  6. Opie says that Mr. McBeevee...
  7. Andy: "There comes a time where you've gotta stop the play acting and .."
  8. Andy returns to the woods...
  9. After Andy claims he met Mr. McBeevee, Barney...
  10. Barney learns the truth through a...

Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: ''Mr. McBeevee''

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edcrumpacker 1 month ago
10/10. Another one of my favorite episodes.
Billyjoe27 1 month ago
This is the best episode of my beloved show ever made.
STTOS 2 months ago
You got 10 out of 10 - Hey now, well done! A great episode and (like most of you out there) I know my TAGS!
BenSobeleone 2 months ago
"McBeevee at your service! What can I do for you, Mister?"
NorthFork 2 months ago
10/10 Love when Barney gets Opie to do a character report. You can see Andy putting his head in his hands to keep from laughing about the cannibals.
Zip 2 months ago
Couldn't remember who nuzzled up to Barney. Just knew it wasn't Mr. McBeevee.
8176Morgan 2 months ago
9/10. A couple of lucky guesses put me within reach of just one from perfection.
Wendy57 2 months ago
“Three Wishes for Opie” is pretty close to the top for me.
Wendy57 2 months ago
Not one of my favorites, but, I’ve always liked the actor who played Mr. McBeevee.
He was on Little House too. Such a wonderful time for wholesome shows.
What happened ????? 🫤
Sweendog 2 months ago
9/10 One of my favorites also. 😃
HoadieSnitch 2 months ago
9/10. "You can make smoke come out of your ears, can't you"?
NorthFork HoadieSnitch 2 months ago
Remember in Aunt Bee's Medicine Man when Opie asks the Colonel if he can make smoke come out of his ears?
edcrumpacker 2 months ago
10/10. Love this episode. One of my favorites.
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