Do you know what these classic TV acronyms stand for?

From ALF to MASH, do you know what they mean?

It's hard to fit a seven word title on a TV screen. Which is why acronyms come in handy!

From show titles to secret organizations in spy series, classic television has given us some pretty unique — and hopefully memorable — abbreviations.

See if you can guess what these acronyms mean!

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  1. What does M*A*S*H stand for?
  2. The Tanners called him ALF. What does ALF stand for?
  3. What does 'CHiPs' stand for?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  4. What does the R.F.D. stand for in 'Mayberry R.F.D.'?
  5. The hit 1975 action series 'S.W.A.T.' was recently remade. What does 'S.W.A.T.' stand for?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  6. David Hasselhoff drove K.I.T.T. on 'Knight Rider.' What does K.I.T.T. stand for?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  7. On 'Wonder Woman', Diana Prince worked for the IADC. What did that stand for?
  8. A super-intelligent computer named IRAC assists Wonder Woman on the show. What does IRAC stand for?
  9. Napoleon Solo was 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.' What does U.N.C.L.E. stand for?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  10. U.N.C.L.E. faced off against its arch enemy THRUSH What does that stand for?
  11. On 'Star Trek' the pipes aboard the Enterprise were marked "G.N.D.N." Does does that mean?
  12. Robert Loggia starred in the 1966-67 action series 'T.H.E. Cat'. What does the T.H.E. stand for?
    Image: The Everett Collection

Do you know what these classic TV acronyms stand for?

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idkwut2use 1 month ago
You got 11 out of 12
We don't have to spell it out… you're a TV trivia genius!
VaughnBaskin 2 months ago
I've got a super 12 out of a 12!
EllisClevenger 4 months ago
You got 10 out of 12
We don't have to spell it out… you're a TV trivia genius!
Missed #11 and #12.
Guessed on both.
#11-It was never mentioned.
#12-I never watched.
JeffTanner 4 months ago
I got 10 out of 12. ------------Got #s 8 and 11 wrong.
TVJunkie 4 months ago
I missed the one about Wonder Woman's computer and the Star Trek pipes. That was funny. I never knew that about the pipes. Those writers sure have fun when they can. But the one about THRUSH was spooky. That sounds like the shadow government that is subjugating us today.
CaptainDunsel 4 months ago
Interestingly, the picture for #11 isn't from the 1966 Star Trek series. It's from the 1996 "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" episode "Trials and Tribble-ations", for which a number of ST:TOS sets were reconstructed.
LindaWilliams 4 months ago
You got 10 out of 12

We don't have to spell it out… you're a TV trivia genius!
Cyn_Finnegan 4 months ago
Twelve out of 12, and the last one was a total guess because I was 2-3 when "T.H.E. Cat" was on the air. I figured it had to be his name.
One of the great bits of 1960s TV theme music. Simple but infectious.
DuanneWalton 4 months ago
No TARDIS? Well, it's not a ME-TV show, so...
Does anyone know what TARDIS stands for?
Cyn_Finnegan DuanneWalton 4 months ago
Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.
daDoctah 4 months ago
I'm guessing most of those reading here are too young to remember the one-season Saturday kids' show "The Kids From C.A.P.E.R". Among those who do remember it, do you recall what C.A.P.E.R stood for? (The regular characters always recited the expansion whenever they introduced themselves to the client of the week.)
moax429 daDoctah 4 months ago
"Civilian Authority for the Protection of Everyone, Regardless."

I remember that show, too; I was only 14 when NBC first aired it on Saturday mornings in 1976. Pity "The Kids from C.A.P.E.R." isn't on DVD, although, being an avid vinyl collector, I occasionally run across a copy of their only album (Phil and (the late) Mitch Margo of the Tokens wrote some of the songs the Kids sang on both the show and the album).

I'm sure if I bought and listened to that album, it'd make me wish the show would be released on DVD; all 13 episodes would easily make up a box set. And, I was experiencing my own "wonder years" back then; it was a great time.
moax429 daDoctah 4 months ago
I meant, I run across "The Kids from C.A.P.E.R." at record shows or vintage record shops! (Sony Music Entertainment, whose Epic Associated/Kirshner label originally released the album, *isn't* reprinting the "Kids from C.A.P.E.R." album on CD or vinyl again, sadly.)
TomTerrrific 4 months ago
12/12, although I had to guess what THRUST stood for. I don't even remember watching "The Man from UNCLE".
CarlonJohn TomTerrrific 4 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Spammers are responding to you.
THRUSH was never defined on the show. That meaning is drawn from the U.N.C.L.E. novels.
I've had the same thing happen, really annoying. But unfortunately, there is nothing "physical" I can do about it.
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