How many famous Bobs can you name?

Can you fill in the last names of these actors, singers and comedians?

Image: The Everett Collection / Atlantic Records

Choosing which name to be credited by is a bigger deal than it might seem. It’s the only name most of the public will know, whether it’s an actor’s real name or not. Some people choose an easily pronounceable moniker, some go with the most formal version of their given name and others use the nickname they go by with family and friends.

Everyone in this quiz falls in the latter category. They’ve all rejected the formal name Robert and have chosen to forever be known as Bob. You may recognize these famous Bobs but can you remember their last names?  

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  1. This Bob shares a last name with which city?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  2. This reggae icon is Bob...
    Image: Atlantic Records
  3. This Bob had three different sitcoms named after him. It's Bob...
  4. Speaking of sitcoms, this Bob was the ultimate '90s TV dad. It's Bob...
  5. This famous comedian is Bob...
    Image: The Everett Collection
  6. This lovable TV artist is Bob...
  7. Do you recognize this musician? It's Bob...
    Image: The Everett Collection
  8. This sportscaster is Bob...
    Image: The Everett Collection
  9. He had a breakout role in the WWII satire 'Catch-22.' It's Bob...
    Image: Paramount
  10. Do you recognize the game show host on the far right in this episode of Bonanza? It's Bob...
  11. Do you recognize this actor from his younger days on an episode of Seinfeld? It's Bob...
  12. This '70s rocker is Bob...
    Image: Capitol Records
  13. This musician is Bob...
    Image: The Everett Collection

How many famous Bobs can you name?

Your Result...

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robyni23 24 hours ago
You got 11 out of 13
You called this quiz perfectly! Great job!

A lot of guesses!
Otis49 2 days ago
Hello back. I managed to get all the Bobs here. Some were guesses. I got lucky this time.
nancystv 5 days ago
Thank you for bringing back my childhood
Jeffrey 5 days ago
''You got 10 out of 13'' --------You called this quiz perfectly! Great job!
Toot1956 5 days ago
12/13 great#BringbackSaturdaymorningWesterns.
Marshall_Kolchak 5 days ago
12/13 this slob knew all the Bobs (except 13)
obectionoverruled 5 days ago
Well you missed a couple of entertaining Bob’s IMO and they would be that incredible Bob(by) Vinton, who penned and sang many great songs from my pre-teen days in the late 50’s and early 60’s - ones that made am radio so much fun - I used to glue my ears to KXOK in STL because its lead DJ Johnny Rabbitt was the pied piper of my radio-listening youth. Every town had a KXOK and the top 60 list of hit tunes playing non-stop, or at least until the evening Cardinal baseball game and pre-game interview came on around 6:30! The other notable Bob missing from your quiz is Bob Wills (of the famous Texas Playboys). But my favorite Bob of all times and still one of the heroes of my fast moving youth was the incredible Bob Gibson, the greatest fastball, knock ‘em down, give ‘em he’ll baseball pitcher in the history of the Universe. He recently passed away in his hometown of Omaha after battling cancer for years. I’ll bet he was cussing and spitting when old man Destiny finally showed up at his bedside and called the game due to darkness.
AllisonWunderland 6 days ago
10/13...Now on the last one, that was kinda tricky MeTV. A lot of people do not know every band member by name. For instance, The Osmonds (most only recognize Donny) and the Jackson 5 (Michael). Oh well, learned something new today 😉👍
SalIanni 6 days ago
Bob Gaudio is the best musical Bob on this page by a wide margin! He was one of The Four Seasons along with Frankie Valli. You might remember their biggest hits "Sherry", "Big Girls Don't Cry", and "Walk Like A Man" that were all featured in the play and movie versions of "Jersey Boys". Before he joined the group he was part of another group called The Royal Teens whose only major hit was a cute novelty number called "Short Shorts". Remember that one? ("Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts? etc." So that's who Bob Gaudio is.
daEducator SalIanni 5 days ago
Matter of opinion. Though I love Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons VERY much.......Bob Marley was a musical genius.
RobertK 6 days ago
12 of 13. I missed #13. Too fast on the draw, I went for Rydell... Come on, my name is Robert (AKA, Bob) and I couldn't make it too the finish line? Oh well, still another fun quiz!
FLETCH 6 days ago
12 out of 13

I have no clue who Bob Odenkirk is
jimmyvici 6 days ago
9&13 threw me off. Guessed right on 9, wrong on 13. Before my time amigos.
dth1971 6 days ago
No Bob Eubanks of Newlywed Game fame?
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