How popular are your Valentine's Day opinions?

See how your opinions on the day of romance stack up.


Valentine's Day gets some of the strongest emotions out of people. Maybe it's because of something that evokes strong emotions itself— love. For every romantic Valentine's Day event, you don't have to look hard to find an Anti-Valentine's event. 

So we want to see what your opinions are on this polarizing holiday. Get a box of chocolate and take a look!

  1. First of all: Valentine's Day itself. What do you think of it?
  2. Candy hearts: yum or yuck?
  3. What do you think of the updated sayings on candy hearts each year?
  4. Going out with your sweetheart on Valentine's Day is:
  5. In school, who did you give Valentine's cards to?
  6. Would you go to an anti-Valentine's Day party?
  7. What do you think about Galentine's Day?
  8. Perfect Valentine's Day date?
  9. Do you celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14?
  10. Do you wear red on Valentine's Day?
  11. Is Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown the best TV Valentine's special?
  12. Chocolate covered strawberries?

How popular are your Valentine's Day opinions?

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andrewandrewandrew 4 months ago
57%. Figures Andyman likes Heinz 57 sauce 😎🤓
grandpa5741 5 months ago
80% similar, in other words I’m with most people here. 👍
trogg888 5 months ago
Always thought it was a lame holiday even though I'm a romantic.too cliche ridden.j just always treateated my girlfrie d right year round

trogg888 5 months ago
I had on girlfriend who could give a rats behind
About it.shoulda kept her.she was one of the less crazy ones.
Wendy57 5 months ago
74% similar
I like the real story of St. Valentine, but, as with most holidays it’s too commercialized over all.
Crisco 5 months ago
94% similar to the most popular responses
itsGretchen 5 months ago
Mom always made it special for us, now I make it special for my family 💘
Amalthea 5 months ago
I love Valentine's Day, and love surprises. Unfortunately, I married a man who doesn't really like either, especially since 2/16 is the anniversary of his father's death. I just deal.
GoUTVols1961 Amalthea 5 months ago
My Dad passed away on Valentine's Day in 2016. It doesn't make me sad. I think that would be unfair to my Debbie. I just like to think he went to heaven to spend Valentine's Day with my Mom.
KawiVulc 5 months ago
Had a girlfriend in HS who's birthday was less than a week after the 14th... talk about pressure.
Moverfan KawiVulc 4 months ago
My niece's birthday is Valentine's Day. Somewhere there's a little boy who doesn't yet know he'll spend his adult life telling her "No, honey, this is your Valentine's present and this one's your birthday present!"
jandk4 5 months ago
Everyday is Valentines day in our house . Why have only one day , It is only about MONEY , CARDs and Candy. I hug and say I love you to everyone I care about when I see them.
ww245 5 months ago
80%....Well, I'm pretty much in line with the majority - just another day filled with an excuse to spend money. Roses at $65 a dozen....candy.....greeting cards at $10 - for a freaking card! Isn't it about time we who have celebrated this day put a cap on the rediculous cost of it? I stopped buying all that stuff. Guess I'm getting old.....
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soonersjlg Amalthea 5 months ago
I've seen them $7, to $8 here in Oklahoma.
IndianaRockz Amalthea 5 months ago
I buy any kind of cards I need at the dollar store for 2/$1 & $1 --- nice cards too, by American Greetings, Hallmark.
ww245 Amalthea 4 months ago
Oh yes, they're out there. I saw one as high as 12.
ww245 bukhrn 4 months ago
ROTFLMAO!!! Yeah, better card stock these days lol....
Charlotte 5 months ago
60% Call me old fashion, I love the festive holidays and all that goes with it! Love and enjoy life!
MadMat2102 5 months ago
When I was married, I did the whole flowers delivered to the job followed by a fancy dinner out thing.
But since my divorce, I don't really celebrate it like I use to. I just wish my daughter a "Happy Valentine's Day" and leave it at that.
musicman37 5 months ago
51% similar. Just another ploy by the marketers to sell flowers, candy and JEWELRY. Ugh, ugh, ugh.
Adamtwelvia musicman37 5 months ago
I'll take the jewlery...with Reeses peanut butter hearts!
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