How well do you know Elroy Jetson?

How well do you know the boy of the future?


"His boy, Elroy!"

Meet the boy of the future, Elroy Jetson! He's got all the gadgets you could shake a stick at. But even though he's living in a sci-fi world, Elroy Jetson is still relatable enough that any kid could see themselves reflected in his astronaut helmet. 

How well do you recall this techno-lad? Was Elroy your favorite, or were you tuning in for Astro? Who here wanted to be Elroy? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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  1. What was Elroy's secret code that became lyrics to a Jet Screamer song?
  2. Where does Elroy go to school?
  3. What's the name of Elroy's favorite TV superhero?
  4. What's the name of the TV show Elroy wins a lead role on?
  5. How old is Elroy?
  6. In 1997, Elroy was featured in commercials for which retail location?
  7. Name Elroy's two best pals...
  8. Elroy is an active member of his...
  9. Elroy & Astro run away from home because of a conflict involving...
  10. When Elroy first brings home Astro, George responds with a robot dog named...

How well do you know Elroy Jetson?

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cantankerous2022 11 months ago
9 of 10 didn’t know Elroy’s two pals.
Moverfan cantankerous2022 10 months ago
Well, I didn't know the robot dog, so between us, we got 'em all!
MikefromJersey 11 months ago
"You got 5 out of 10. Well... Give those classic toons a rewatch and try this quiz again!"

I loved that show when I was a kid, but I haven't seen it since.
TCM used to run Joe McDoakes comedy shorts from the 1940's. Starring the voice of George
Jetson, one George O'Hanlon, he became a niche star familiar to millions across North America
back then. He usually played 3rd banana roles on TV/movies, the Jetsons his career highlight.
In my area, MeTV plays one episode of The Jetsons on Sunday mornings along with The Flintstones & The Brady Bunch. I just love it! 😀
When I was a kid I thought by the 2000's we would all be living like the Jetsons
with robot maids and working at Spacely Sprockets.
Of coarse I also assumed that all Hoosier kids growing up in Indiana got their tongues
stuck to telephone poles and almost shot their eye out with a Red Ryder BB gun.
Actually I got that from listening to Hammond's own Jean Shepherd's stories on the radio
which predated his movie version in Christmas Story.
My Mom went to Hammond High with Shep, he autographed the yearbook, which also
has Flick and the rest of the guys pics in it, they were real people.
I'm glad you get to see your faves on Sunday morning, if you eventually get MeTV Plus
in your area it is most excellent.
TurboVicki77 11 months ago
9/10 I couldn't remember his favorite superhero lol
nerakr 11 months ago
9/10. It's been a long time since I've seen the Jetsons.
Ivan 11 months ago
Still love this show, it was way ahead of its time. MeTV scores another 10 out of 10.
Mark 11 months ago
9 out of 10. Guessed on a couple. Only one I got wrong was his age.
TSeym22 11 months ago
7/10 Only actually knew a few, guessed on the rest.
Irish 11 months ago
6/10...Not a big Jetson's fan back in the day.
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