How well do you know Lieutenant Uhura?

Uhura was a groundbreaking role, but how much do you know about the character?

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Nichelle Nichols' groundbreaking role in the original Star Trek series is a fan favorite for many Star Trek lovers. It made history, and the role played a crucial part in various areas of the show's plot. On holidays like Halloween, children and adults were (and still are) eager to dress up as Lt. Uhura.

We're calling all Star Trek: The Original Series fans! How well do you know the forever popular fictional character Lieutenant Uhura?

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  1. What's Lt. Uhura's first name?
  2. Where is she from?
  3. What language does she speak?
  4. When was Lt. Uhura born?
  5. Under Captain Kirk, Uhura is...
  6. When off duty, Uhura likes to...
  7. Which episode is her first appearance on the original series?
  8. Which episode was her last in the original series?

How well do you know Lieutenant Uhura?

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