How well do you know the kids of Mayberry?

Try to name all these adolescent characters of The Andy Griffith Show!

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  1. Who is this sandwich-loving cowboy?
  2. This longtime friend of Opie's made his debut in "Andy Discovers America."
  3. He moved to town late in the series — and became the main kid on 'Mayberry R.F.D.'
  4. She was Opie's date — for a time — in "Opie's First Love."
  5. Opie had a crush on her in "The Rivals."
  6. He was the "spoiled kid" in "Opie and the Spoiled Kid."
  7. He was the "bully" in "Opie and the Bully."
  8. He was the bully in "One-Punch Opie."
  9. Ronnie Dapo played this friend to Opie.
  10. Opie got jealous when Andy spent time with this boy in "Andy and Opie's Pal."

How well do you know the kids of Mayberry?

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KachinaJim 1 month ago
Leon.....Clint Howard. Later starred in Gentle Ben.
Emily 1 month ago
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bbMeTv 1 month ago
I don't like the show, so I did not take the quiz.
DavidBarker bbMeTv 1 month ago
Then why comment? Nobody cares
Popups 1 month ago
10 out 10 Yes! Pays to watch shows over and over again forever! Johnny Paul also played Little Ricky on I Love Lucy.
DjCraZzyMan Popups 1 month ago
ss but it was Keith Thibodeaux, the child actor who played Lucy and Ricky's son for 23 episodes during the series
Craigg 1 month ago
You got 10 out of 10
Smoothly done, partner!
MitchHellum 1 month ago
10/10. Although, don't care for the color episodes, so almost missed those.
Moody 1 month ago
7/10. Had to guess at some.
Big3Fan 1 month ago
Ronnie Dapo did play Arnold Winkler but the kid in the picture is Arnold Bailey played by Sheldon Collins. Ronnie Dapo is the kid pictured in number in number six. 10/10
marylou 1 month ago
I missed the two bullies. Obviously they traumatized me and I blocked their names from my memory. ;-)
teire marylou 1 month ago
I missed the second bully, was mixing them up anyway so the first one was a guess.
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