How well do you know The Rifleman's opening title sequence?

Can you fire off the right answers to these detailed questions?


The opening title for The Rifleman starts off each episode with a bang… literally! Though relatively short when compared to other credit sequences, it gets the explosive point across quickly. Lucas McCain, armed with a mean rifle and an even meaner stare, is not someone you want to cross.

How well do you know the memorable sequence? See how many of these specific questions you can get right!

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  1. The very first shot of the opening sequence is a close-up of…
  2. Which comes first?
  3. What's the small discrepancy that happens when Lucas fires his rifle?
  4. The title appears, the music plays then Lucas does what?
  5. Does Lucas were a hat in the opening title sequence?
  6. Does Lucas wear gloves in the opening title sequence?
  7. As Lucas reloads the rifle, he looks into the camera and raises which eyebrow?
  8. Where does Lucas get the bullet he reloads with?
  9. How long does it take before we see Chuck Connors’ face?
  10. How many buttons are on his shirt?
  11. At the very end, Lucas passes a sign on a building that says what?
  12. True or false: Johnny Crawford appears in the opening sequence for season 5.

How well do you know The Rifleman's opening title sequence?

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GTStang08 11 months ago
11/12...I forgot Lucas twirls that rifle around before angling it down, then digging in his left shirt pocket for some more bullets to reload...[sigh]...I knew better....
BeccaHermann 35 months ago
12/12 I need a life 🤣🤣🤣 I just get lost in his eyes!
JewelsChuck 42 months ago
9/12. I need to pay more attention! 😉
Mukusthebadd1 JewelsChuck 42 months ago
I got THREE out of twelve.
joediffie57 43 months ago
Shows you how much we don’t pay attention. Never would of thought of buttons on his shirt
kimmer 43 months ago
7/12.... Dang its good to try and remember!
marleo8 43 months ago
You got 8 out of 12
Did you shoot straight or were you a little off target? Yeah, I was definitely off target. Lol.
DouglasMorris 43 months ago
9/12! missed numbers 10, 11, and 12. the last three shots were off due to a malfunction rifle.
mel2002ind 43 months ago
You didn’t count the two buttons on his sleeves
RB 43 months ago
9/12. For someone who is not a Western fan, but did watch this show as a child because everybody else in the family liked it, that was better than I expected to do.
Westerns4u2 43 months ago
8 out of 12. No excuse for missing a few that I knew better on but had second thoughts about. Watch this show just about everyday. LOVE this show so much for decades. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
JERRY6 43 months ago
6 of 12 , i fail , don't know how as i watch the show a lot
CaptainDunsel 43 months ago
Went off half-cocked, I guess.
SteveThames 43 months ago
7/12 Lucas would have smoked me
Fuming SteveThames 43 months ago
5/12 Lucas put one right btwn my eyes at 100yrds
dodgebob Fuming 42 months ago
That'll make ya crosseyed at .001 inches.
JohnDRipper 43 months ago
There was more than one opening credits sequence! In the "nightime" opening, we hear somber music play for a few seconds before Lucas emerges from the darkness to send his target to perdition...
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