How well do you remember The Andy Griffith Show premiere?

Go back to Aunt Bee's first days in Mayberry!

For the premiere of The Andy Griffith Show, Aunt Bee moves to town and Andy and Opie must adjust to "The New Housekeeper."

It's a genuine classic episode that introduced some of the best-loved characters in sitcom history.

Think you can remember every detail of Aunt Bee's first days in Mayberry? Let's find out!
  1. What happened to Opie and Andy's old housekeeper that causes Aunt Bee to move to Mayberry?
  2. What was that original housekeeper’s name?
  3. When the show first starts, how long has Barney Fife been on the job?
  4. How does Opie feel about Aunt Bee replacing the previous housekeeper?
  5. When Opie makes breakfast, how long does he boil the eggs?
  6. When they first meet, Aunt Bee says Opie is the spittin’ image of who?
  7. What does Aunt Bee cook for her first meal in the house?
  8. What crime did Emma Brand commit to get handcuffed by Barney?
  9. What very important question do you think Opie is asking Andy here?
  10. Does Aunt Bee catch a fish?
  11. Wait. Why is Opie upset with Aunt Bee now?
  12. Why does Opie ultimately decide he wants Aunt Bee to stay?
How well do you remember The Andy Griffith Show premiere?

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STTOS 6 days ago
You got 12 out of 12 - It all worked out in the end for you, too! Nice work! Breezed right through this. I know my TAGS!! :)
Paul 10 days ago
12/12. But I belong to the The Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watcher Society...the "Who's Been Messing Up the Bulletin Board" chapter.
ETristanBooth 12 days ago
12/12. Question for fans: On what episodes do we find people cooking spaghetti and meatloaf?
h4teach 16 days ago
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MrBill 16 days ago
12/12; Fun and easy quiz for me - I am a big fan of the show.
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