How well do you remember the iconic Bugs Bunny cartoon ''What’s Opera, Doc?''

Do you know all the details of this iconic cartoon?


Besides being heralded as one of the greatest animated shorts ever made and getting selected for preservation by the Library of Congress, the classic Bugs Bunny outing "What's Opera, Doc?" is also just an extremely entertaining cartoon.

Its impressive coloring and musical parody, plus some good old-fashioned "wabbit" hunting, help make it a favorite of Looney Tunes experts and casual fans alike.

How well do you remember this famous short? Put your knowledge to the test with this quiz!

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  1. Whose shadow is shown at the very beginning?
  2. “Be vewy quiet, I’m hunting wabbits” is the first thing out of Elmer’s mouth. Does he sing it or say it?
  3. What is Elmer singing here?
  4. What comes after Bugs sings, “Oh mighty warrior of great fighting stock…”
  5. Elmer says he’ll be able to get the rabbit because of his spear and…
  6. How does Elmer show Bugs his magic?
  7. What catches Elmer’s eye?
  8. What color is the horse’s mane and tale?
  9. Elmers sings “Oh Brünnhilde you’re so…”
  10. How does Elmer find out Brünnhilde is really Bugs?
  11. What does Elmer hit Bugs with?
  12. Bugs breaks the fourth wall at the end to say what?

How well do you remember the iconic Bugs Bunny cartoon ''What’s Opera, Doc?''

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edcrumpacker 1 month ago
10/12. Not bad for not seeing this episode for years. My favorite Bugs episode. Still remember watching Looney Tunes every Saturday morning. Great memories.
Coolrain 9 months ago
You got 11 out of 12
Pink mane was the one I missed
leannie429 36 months ago
I loved Elmer’s love song to Bugs! I almost lost it when our organist played a selection from that opera ( I believe it was the Brunhilde piece) in church one Sunday!
Susan00100 36 months ago
12/12. A Chuck Jones masterpiece!
TofuAlien 36 months ago
I only missed one. The mane and tail color. Oh well.
JohnGrant 38 months ago
Bugs is great and I understand why he was chosen the favorite but I rarely laugh at his cartoons like I do with Sylvester and Daffy...hilarious. The hosting is good with lots of interesting info.
coby 38 months ago
I love the classic’s a shame they feel the need to have it hosted. Plus I can’t stand Bill.
Susan00100 coby 36 months ago
I can't stand ANY of those so-called "humans"! Or that silly hand puppet! Their appeal is just for kids, and--judging by the commercials--this show is not aimed at kids. I'm also PO'd that it's so heavy with WB cartoons! I, for one, would love to see LESS Bugs Bunny and MORE Popeye, Betty Boop, and Tex Avery!
Are you seeing this, MeTV?
trogg888 38 months ago
seen this episode twice in the last 2 weeks and still missed got voted best but i still think the castle with the monster was better
ChaplainjoeShoemaker 38 months ago
"toon in with me" is great, but there an, lots of cartoon's just waiting to added please, ty
If they'g get rid of the idiotic live-action sequences, there would be time for at least one more cartoon.
That's why Saturday Morning Cartoons are SO much better.
a1k9 39 months ago
11/12 I can’t believe that I had only missed one. I guessed pretty damn good on a lot of the questions.
vinman63 39 months ago
Warner brother and classical music what a pair?
phialpha 39 months ago
I saw the episode on METV 1 day ago ha?!!
Shatner1 39 months ago
12/12--amazing how the answers come back to you even before you see the choices! (Except for the horse's mane--total guess)
IdaKnow56 39 months ago
The only reason I got question #8 wrong is because the cartoon you used gave the horse a grey mane and tail. I completely blanked out! Oh well, a horse is a horse. Of course, of course...
Moverfan IdaKnow56 39 months ago
And no one can talk to a horse, of course.
Susan00100 Moverfan 36 months ago
That is, of course, unless the horse is the famous Mr. Ed.
Moverfan Susan00100 36 months ago
Exactly! And, after re-reading #10, Bugs didn't run into trouble with Elmer because his helmet fell off...but because his wig went with it. (Somebody really should talk to Elmer--all he has to see is a rabbit in a dress and good Lord...)
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