How well do you remember The Twilight Zone episode 'Twenty Two'?

Do you remember what happened in "Twenty Two"?

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The Twilight Zone is one of those legendary shows that'll take you through many emotions.

In one episode, you might find yourself hiding under a blanket; in another, you'll almost find yourself shouting at the television screen. Whichever type of fan you are, many of the episodes find themselves etched in your mind forever.

With many frightening seasons to choose from, it's normal to find yourself forgetting some of the earliest episodes. Yet, it's a piece of cake if you're one of those fans who are big on details. In season two, episode 17, "Twenty Two," there's a lot of dreaming, preventing the main character from comprehending what's real and what is not.

Do you remember what happened?

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  1. What was Liz Powell in the hospital for?
  2. What was her nickname?
  3. What was her profession?
  4. What did Liz have nightmares about?
  5. What's the line she heard in her nightmare?
  6. What's the order of her nightmare?
  7. What did the doctor suggest Liz do?
  8. What city is Liz travelling to after she leaves the hospital?
  9. What's her flight number?
  10. What happened to the plane after takeoff?

How well do you remember The Twilight Zone episode 'Twenty Two'?

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