In which season did these classic TV shows pop into color?

Some shows lasted only three seasons while others lasted over 15, but all of these classics featured a season where color replaced black and white.

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Do you remember all these classic TV shows that switched from black and white to color?
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Some of classic television’s best shows were featured in both black and white and in color, as shows made the switch in the mid-to-late '60s.

The change to color not only gave fans new opportunities to see their favorite characters in a different way, but connect with them in a much more realistic form, too.

You know the classic like The Andy Griffith Show, Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. and Gilligan’s Island all had episodes in both black and white, and in color. However, the change to color didn’t happen across television all at once.

Below are 11 classic television series that aired episodes in both black and white and in color. Can you guess which season they made the switch? Good luck!

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  1. Fans could see Mayberry in color for the first time beginning with which season in The Andy Griffith Show?
  2. The Beverly Hillbillies ran for nine seasons from 1962 to 1971. Which was the first that debuted in color?
  3. In which season did we see the castaways on Gilligan’s Island in color for the first time?
  4. In which season did Wagon Train switch to color and 90-minute episodes, before going back to black and white, and 60-minute episodes the very next season?
  5. Though the show started in the mid-1960s, in which season did Lost in Space switch to color?
  6. Of the five seasons in Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C., which was the first that featured episodes in color?
  7. In which season of Petticoat Junction do we see the little train roll down the tracks in color?
  8. Can you pinpoint which of Gunsmoke’s 20 seasons was the first one in color?
  9. Which season of My Three Sons does Mike marry Sally, in what would be his final appearance on the show? It’s also the first season the show was in color.
  10. In which season of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea do we see the ocean in color for the first time?
  11. After I Love Lucy came The Lucy Show, which began production in black and white, but made the switch to color. Which season was it?

In which season did these classic TV shows pop into color?

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jerryleebandit 22 months ago
5 of 11, we didnt have a color TV until 1972
robyni23 22 months ago
You got 8 out of 11
Did you pass with flying colors, or were you stuck in black and white? No matter how you scored, it's always a good time to rewatch the classics!
Missed 2, 4 & 10. Total guesses on most.
MikefromJersey 22 months ago
9 for 11.
Shows that changed over would promote that fact in the opening credits, with "in color".
Well duh, I can see it's now in color. The Fugitive series for one did that.
Here's a head scratcher -
The first season of The Joey Bishop Show was mostly black and white but had a few
color episodes. Seasons 2 and 3 were in color.
Season 4 was in black and white with a few color ones here and there.
Sally 22 months ago
4/11 I was guessing because we didn't have a color TV in our house until 1970.
RichLorn 22 months ago
I remember all my friends coming over. We couldn't wait for our first look at Star Trek IN COLOR! We sat huddled on the floor watching 60 minutes of intergalactic colored snow.
cynkgreen RichLorn 22 months ago
You must be younger than me! I remember my dad bringing home our brand new big floor model color TV! It was 64 or 65, whenever Batman started, I remember that because it was the only thing my brother & I cared to see & likely only one of the few broadcast in color at the time! Apparently Batman was one that was made in color from the beginning. Wow were we just entranced because that show made a point of taking the most advantage of the color presentation by having all the costumes & sets extremely extra colorful! Ok I'm giving it away, but we were 4 & 6 yrs old!
JeanInTN 22 months ago
4/11. My parents didn't want to replace their good working B&W TV until it tore up, so I didn't watch anything in color (unless I was visiting a friend's house) until I got a portable color TV for my high school graduation present in 1974! (A few years later my parents finally gave up on waiting for their old TV to go bad and they bought a color console...LOL)
cynkgreen JeanInTN 22 months ago
Wow that's too bad, all those brightly colored Technicolor shows you missed!! We knew the color looked artificially enhanced but loved it all the more!! I too graduated in 74, wow how did this many years go by already?
arlene60 22 months ago
2/11...terrible! Still love taking the quizzes
wawaspaceman 22 months ago
I believe I remember F Troop and Superman making the switch as well.
vinman63 wawaspaceman 21 months ago
F troop stunk when in it went to color.
TheSentinel 22 months ago
11/11 - Got 'em all.
LH TheSentinel 22 months ago
I got 4 right
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