Is this Josh or Jason in Wanted Dead or Alive?

Can you tell the difference between the bounty hunter and his fun-loving sidekick?


For the king of cool Steve McQueen, Wanted Dead or Alive was the perfect bridge from guest roles and B-movies to superstardom in blockbuster action films. His charisma leapt off the screen as bounty hunter Josh Randall.

Though Wanted was generally a one-man show in terms of regular characters, the second half of season two featured a friendly companion named Jason Nichols who partnered with Josh on various adventures. Jason was played by Wright King, a versatile character actor who had already guest starred in two Wanted episodes as other characters and later appeared in classic Twilight Zone stories “Shadow Play” and “Of Late I Think of Cliffordville.” He was also in many Gunsmoke episodes including a memorable outing with his own kids as costars.

We’ve collected a few images of both Wanted Dead or Alive stars. With their faces covered, can you still tell the difference between them?

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  1. Who is this?
  2. Is this Josh or Jason?
  3. Who is sharing the screen with this cute canine?
  4. Who is having trouble wrangling this sheep?
  5. Can you guess who this is?
  6. Who is this with Wagon Train star John McIntire?
  7. Who is waiting outside this door?
  8. Is this Josh or Jason?
  9. Who is this?
  10. Can you tell who this is?

Is this Josh or Jason in Wanted Dead or Alive?

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tootsieg 28 months ago
8/10. I enjoyed the episode with Wright King.
Toot1956 29 months ago
9/10, King should have had his Show.
Shatner1 29 months ago
7/10! Hi Lite of this quiz was the cute close-up of the dog!!!!
Zip 29 months ago
"Lez go!"

(Anyone who watches Wanted Dead or Alive will understand that)
Zip 29 months ago
Really thought I would ace this quiz, since I watch this show every single night, but those big squares sometimes threw me off(along with the fact that I stupidly thought that the pic on #6 was actually a pic from Wagon Train and I thought, "I don't remember Steve McQueen being on Wagon Train.")

On another note, #4, the one with "Baba" the sheep, is a very funny episode. Wanted Dead or Alive had some good and funny, light-hearted episodes interspersed with all the serious ones, and "Baba" was one of them.
Runeshaper 29 months ago
8/10 (-:

You got so many questions Wright. Great job!
LoveMETV22 29 months ago
For those who have not seen the series or cannot view at its scheduled time, there are (5) Full Episodes
in the Videos link at the top of the page. There are a few other Full Episodes of other shows there as well.
Sway 29 months ago
8/10 Went by clothing but got tripped up on 6 and 10. I think Josh wore the same thing in every episode. Not a big wardrobe budget. Not familiar with the sidekick.
richardkel Sway 29 months ago
9/10. Wardrobe was a good clue. Josh sometimes wore a jacket, but never a vest. They did this to save money, just like on Bonanza. By using the same wardrobe, the could use the same footage over and over. For example, some scenes where the main character was in a barroom brawl or riding across the prairie could be used in several episodes.. Another clue was the shoulders. Josh had broader shoulders and held them up straighter. A woman notices these things. The one I missed was #3.
daDoctah 29 months ago
I got 7/10. And (I think I've figured out a system here!) I didn't even bother to look at the pictures, because I've never seen a single episode of the show.
Andybandit 29 months ago
I got 4/10. I got #3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 10 wrong. Who is Jason on wanted Dead or Alive.
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