Pick your favorite classic TV characters and we'll guess your age

Your taste in TV characters reveals your time spent on Earth.

The best classic TV shows are timeless. Since these series resonate with fans of every generation, it makes it that much harder to guess the age of the average fan.

But that won't stop us from trying. We've noticed as we age that there are certain characters who appeal more to us at different times in our lives. By this compass, we think we can guess your age just by knowing which TV characters you like best from a short list of essential hit shows.

Think we can divine the right age for you? Make your picks below and let's find out!
  1. Pick your favorite 'Gilligan's Island' character:
  2. Pick your favorite 'Cheers' character:
  3. Who do you like more on 'Star Trek,' Kirk or Spock?
  4. Pick your favorite member of 'The Brady Bunch' family:
  5. Pick your favorite character from 'The Andy Griffith Show':
  6. Which half of 'The Odd Couple' do you like better?
  7. Which character from 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' is your favorite?
  8. Pick your favorite 'Happy Days' character:
  9. It had one of the most popular finales in TV history, so let's end here. Pick your favorite 'M*A*S*H' character:
Pick your favorite classic TV characters and we'll guess your age

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