Quiz: Are you more Laverne or Shirley?

Watch the Laverne & Shirley episode "Christmas Eve at the Booby Hatch" (a.k.a. "Oh, Hear the Angels' Voices") this Sunday, December 1, at 5:30PM | 4:30C as part of A Very Merry MeTV!

To celebrate the best bottle cappers Shotz Brewery ever had, we're posing the question: Are you more of a Laverne or more of a Shirley? Let's have a date and find out.

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  1. We're in Milwaukee for the weekend. Let's do something very Milwaukee.
  2. We're at a French restaurant. What are you ordering?
  3. Actually, this place is too fancy. Let's hit the soda fountain. Order a drink.
  4. Put a quarter in the jukebox and pick a hit from 1959.
  5. Oh, look, a carnival! Pick a booth.
  6. You won! You get a stuffed animal.
  7. Let's catch a movie.
  8. Okay, the night is over. How are you documenting the day?

Quiz: Are you more Laverne or Shirley?

Your Result...

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TheDavBow3 1 month ago
I'm Squiggy! Really? Well .... I guess I'll see if the Squigtones want to get back together. Is anyone out there a Lenny?!
Countrygirl 2 months ago
I’m more like Shirley than Laverne
idkwut2use 8 months ago
Came in expecting Laverne (I even have an "initial" shirt like hers), and got Squiggy. xDD
Dirtyhalo 8 months ago
Absolutely love Laverne and Shirley .. wish they were on daily ..
Utzaake 8 months ago
"You are Squiggy, actually." Great, I'm a Seattle Mariners scout.
Lillyrose 8 months ago
You are Shirley. I love cats!
littledebbie Lillyrose 8 months ago
I got Shirley too and I love cats too. I have 6 cats
Lillyrose littledebbie 8 months ago
I have 3 cats.
Runeshaper 8 months ago
You are Shirley
Nothing comes between you and your best friend. Well, your Boo Boo Kitty. You're sweet and upbeat, and a bit of a romantic. Nothing makes you swoon like some Frank Sinatra and Fabian.

Very cool :)
bbMeTv 8 months ago
Laverne, but I never heard of any of the songs or movies they mentioned, so I question the accuracy of the results since I had to make a couple of uninformed decisions. But, She and Shirley are my favorite characters on the show
Jeremy bbMeTv 8 months ago
Well, I've never heard of any of the songs either, so I went to YouTube and typed them in and when I had heard enough of each to make a decision, I did so. The only reason I picked King Creole was because it was the only film in that question that I remember liking and seeing. I picked Red River Rock because it makes me think of Fast Times At Ridgemont High, makes me want to go back there and experience what they did. Like I missed out on something, you know? I wasn't really born yet, I'd be born a year later but that's how I feel.
MrsPhilHarris 8 months ago
Haven't we done this quiz before? I'm Shirley.
teire 8 months ago
I knew this quiz sounded familiar, looks like I was s Shirley 11 months ago and I’m a Shirley again today.
Jeremy 8 months ago
It turns out I'm neither. I'm Squiggy, which is fine by me since I'm a man anyhow.
jojo68 8 months ago
I got Laverne. I don't know why anyone would drink milk and Pepsi.
Jeremy jojo68 8 months ago
Well, in trying to answer your question and I've never tried this myself, I'm just going on an assumption, ice cream is pretty much frozen milk with a lot of extra ingredients added to it. I figure that with Pepsi or any soft drink, if you mix it with milk, it gives you a float or a purple cow. In other words, it gives you the same thing that you would get if you wanted a root beer float or what have you only you won't need the help of ice cream in order to achieve it, especially if you don't have any around. I guess it's safe to say that Laverne's a "sexy" soda jerk in that she's not just a woman but she's a woman who has enough intelligence and creativity to achieve a root beer float, purple cow, milkshake, etc. without having to use the obvious thing, which is, in this case, ice cream.
teire Jeremy 8 months ago
I used to drink chocolate milk and Pepsi, not mixed together but simultaneously. You’re right, it’s like having an ice cream soda, or even more like having an egg cream.
Jeremy teire 8 months ago
It's like Laverne is saying, and remember I'm only guessing since I haven't seen the show in a long, long while, "What's the matter? Got no ice cream? No problem! Watch! (makes the ice cream soda) There! You want some?"
teire 19 months ago
I knew I’d be a Shirley.
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