The Sweet Sixties: You pick the greatest movie of the 1960s- Final Round Voting Open

Will it be a musical or sci-fi classic? Vote now!


Over the last decade, we have continually celebrated the 50th anniversary of landmark television, movies and music of the 1960s. As we turn the page to 2020, we again say goodbye to the '60s. 

That's why we had you, the MeTV Fans, who know the 1960s better than anyone, to pick your favorite TV show, song and movie of the 1960s. 

Hundreds of your nominations poured in. Thank you! We tallied the 16 biggest vote-getters to get to… The Sweet Sixties!

Let's pick the greatest movie of the 1960s! Below, you will find your most popular titles. Pick one. Each day, the top half will make it to the next round. Vote as much as you'd like. Come back at 7AM Eastern every morning through Tuesday, December 17, to see what makes the cut — and play the next round!

  1. Pick one: Which is your favorite movie from the 1960s?
    • Receiving fewer votes:

The Sweet Sixties: You pick the greatest movie of the 1960s

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dethLSMO89 51 months ago
For me it's Planet of the Apes.
The music, the make up, the cinematography and the ending, the first time u c it, put it all together and I think it's one of the best movies ever made.
Angie 55 months ago
So many great movies in those days. "Hard Day's Night" and "Rosemary's Baby" are two I love. I'm surprised "Bonnie and Clyde" and "The Boston Strangler" aren't there. "In Cold Blood" is another masterpiece, IMO. No comic book franchises in those days.
Moverfan 55 months ago
WHERE is Midnight Cowboy?
harlow1313 Kelle 55 months ago
In Florida, where the sun keeps shinin', through the pourin' rain...
Sooner 55 months ago
Boy, that was some weird voting on this.
ItalGal68 55 months ago
West Side Story was my pick - that film/story has it all!
RandySkretvedt 55 months ago
"Mad, Mad World" (even the *title* is too long!) is three hours of nasty, greedy people yelling and generally being despicable. It's loud and angry but not funny. Conversely, "Mary Poppins" has a great score, wonderful animation and comedy, and a lovely lesson about parenting -- told with a spoonful of sugar.
Tlor RandySkretvedt 55 months ago
The reason why Mad mad mad mad world was so popular is that it was a Cinerama film, you watched it on 3 screens. Totally lost on any viewers who never saw it in the theaters. Plus it had every star from the 40s and 50s in it. And it was very funny.
Mary Poppins was a stuck up prim nanny manipulating the parents and letting the kids get away with a punch of obnoxious stuff.
Deleted 55 months ago
This comment has been removed.
texasluva 55 months ago
Well they left out Spartacus, Inherent The Wind and Judgement At Nuremberg. Then They sent my Psycho to the cleaners whats one gonna do.
harlow1313 55 months ago
"Inherit the Wind," is excellent, and a worthy choice I did not think of.
texasluva 55 months ago
The question is does a Sponge think?
CallieAneDeutch 55 months ago
Hard Days Night is the best movie ever by the best group ever the Beatles! We’re talking classics folks!!!
genZmetv CallieAneDeutch 55 months ago
you're right and you should say it
Jeremy 55 months ago
It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World is my favorite comedy film period and I'm a millennial. Out of respect for Stanley Kramer (you know him for mostly directing dramas), who produced and directed this great film and who also considered adding a fifth "Mad" to the title before deciding it was redundant but later regretting it, I shall forever call it, "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad MAD World."
texasluva Jeremy 55 months ago
Well if the world was not mad it sure is MAD now.
Good info and a great laugh
Pacificsun 55 months ago
If you're appreciating production value, then it has to be it's a Mad (etc.) World!

The other one is a sentimental favorite. No worries! Something for everyone!!
Moody Pacificsun 55 months ago
Not really.
teire 55 months ago
At least I remembered to vote in this last round. Mad for me.
texasluva 55 months ago
Sometimes the best movie does not win. The reasons are many. We have two left and both are great. One gives people a good feeling with not many problems in the story. Enjoyed by many. What's there to not like. The other is downright funny with people having one goal. Get to the secret spot and collect the mullah. An all-star cast all going insane at one point as greed stacks up. Fun to follow such characters through out the movie. One can Crack A Rib laughing at such insanity. So if you can't beat em, join em. My vote now goes to It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. Mary Poppins---Game on.
Granny 55 months ago
There were so many aspects to the 60 that no one movie can represent the entire decade. Certainly neither of the 2 final choices.
harlow1313 55 months ago
Sorry, no. The correct choice to represent the decade is "Easy Rider."
texasluva 55 months ago
Okay just to give a little tidbit of a Psycho scene. I am skipping the shower scene for fear of a fainting spells by some. This is near the end and find the truth about mother. Never the less once you seen it never forgetting. Not only finding the 10 year departed Mrs Bates but the music eerily brings it to a crescendo of fear. Happy that it made it to the semi final
Runeshaper 55 months ago
The original Mary Poppins & the newer version were both AWESOME! Just saying :)
AllisonWunderland 55 months ago
Hello everyone, for those who are interested the "I Love Lucy Christmas Special" airs Friday December 20, 2019 @ 7:00pm ct on CBS! 😊 Enjoy 🌲⛄️🎅🏼
Well thank you so kindly AllisonWunderland. Will mark as one to watch. For everyone who likes good movies and has TCM. Here are some coming up soon to watch or tape. There should be something for everyone here
Imitation of Life (1959) 12/17 1:30 A.M. Oops kinda late I know
Crime by Night (1944) 12/17 4 P.M. CT. Is there any better time to commit a crime...hmmmmm.
Out of the Past (1947) 12/17 5:15 P.M. CT. Robert Mitchum
Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) 12/17 7 P.M CT. Cheesy? Naw ii'ts fun.
Fly, The (1958) 12/17 8:30 P.M. CT. help meeeeeeeeee (ending that gives you shivers up your spine.
The Naked City (1948) 12/18 2 P.M. CT. Murder in NYC. Say its not so. Never seen it so let's find out.
Brute Force (1947) 12/18 5:15 P.M. CT. This one to watch. I am taping it.
Yearling, The (1946) 12/18 7 P.M. CT.
I Confess (1953) 12/19 5 A.M. CT. No way Jose getting up this early. Those that do and watch it are in for a treat. There's a murder and the Priest is questioned and he's not talking. Would you?
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958) 12/19 8:45 A.M. CT. Well there's Paul Newman and there's Big Daddy and if that's not enough for you Elizabeth Taylor.
Rebel Without a Cause (1955) 10:45 A.M. CT. You are tearing me apart! Yep James Dean in one of two movies that he was already gone and buried before it was shown. Tragic deaths to 3 main characters over the years. That's it for now. Check out your local TV and TCM. Remember vote Psycho

Anything with James Dean ❤️😁
You are welcome by the way
texasluva 55 months ago
Woe is me. Can't even beat Mary Poppins. Two hours after noon my time the 300 billion California crowd pops in and shoves my Psycho deeper into the bottomless pit and Sound of Music shoots to the top. I wonder if I should be like Beetlejuice and tote around neon signs that flash Psycho, Psycho, Psycho just say the word. Oh well, should've, would've, could've but NO soup for me .
Pacificsun texasluva 55 months ago
I think you've re-emerged under a new psyudonym. Did you previous avatar begin with a B?

(I recognized the style of your writing!) 😉😉
texasluva Pacificsun 55 months ago
No. $10! Actually my name is Alan. I do not think I ever used a B. Unless of course I am the male counterpart to Three Faces of Eve or an alter ego. I like it though>>>re-emerged
Pacificsun texasluva 55 months ago
Fair enough, still enjoy reading your comments though! Thanks!!
texasluva Pacificsun 55 months ago
Thank you. If I ever re-emerged as good as your postings.... I would be more then just a 3 year old sitting on a beach straddling the sand. With my Sombrero to keep the Pacific sun from scorching my lily white face and hopefully scaring off the bullies. Or I'd have to kick sand in their faces and hope for the best. Your posts are just way too good. More then sound reasoning.
Lillyrose 56 months ago
I picked The Sound of Music, which got the most votes.
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