True/False: Are these real facts about Darren McGavin?

Pick if these facts are true or false and see if Kolchak will help you with your problem!

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Darren McGavin was born in 1922, and not too long after, he began a decades-long career. One of his best known roles was in Kolchak: The Night Stalker.

Scenario: You need Kolchak's help. There's a humanlike robot going around town stealing identities. The robot kidnaps its victims at night, and there's a list going around saying that you're next!

Kolchak is known for getting to the bottom of any problem with his investigative skills and will help you, but you have to pass this quiz about his life and career first.

Good luck!

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  1. McGavin's real name is William Richardson.
  2. In Kolchak, he played a sports journalist.
  3. McGavin only appeared in 15 episodes of Kolchak.
  4. His first name in the Kolchak series was Carl.
  5. He directed a few movies.
  6. The actor's career started in 1960s.
  7. McGavin appeared on two episodes of The Love Boat.
  8. He moved to Hollywood at 16 to start his acting journey.
  9. He and Burt Reynolds starred in a Western series called Riverboat.
  10. He appeared on three episodes of Gunsmoke.

True/False: Are these real facts about Darren McGavin?

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