Were these shows more in black and white… or color?

Some shows made the switch toward the end while others only aired the first season in black and white.

If there was a show that started in the early sixties and continued airing past 1965, there’s a good chance it switched from black and white to color. Of course, some early shows were ahead of the curve (shout out to Bonanza) and some never made the switch. But for most shows, color was too good an advancement to pass up.

Try to guess if these shows aired more seasons in black and white or color. Be careful, some might have the exact same number of each!

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  1. The Andy Griffith Show
  2. The Beverly Hillbillies
  3. Gilligan’s Island
  4. Wagon Train
  5. Lost in Space
  6. Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.
  7. Petticoat Junction
  8. Gunsmoke
  9. My Three Sons
  10. F Troop
  11. The Wild Wild West
  12. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Were these shows more in black and white… or color?

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Kenner 15 days ago
I answered ‘both’ on all and only got F Troop correct. Lol
EmBee 1 month ago
When I first saw those shows they were ALL in black and white. I don't think we got our first color set until around 1970!
Bardown1 1 month ago
I need to get a color TV.
CaptainDunsel Bardown1 1 month ago
Interesting thought. Are B&W tvs even made anymore? Or have they gone the way of the slide rule - found only in yard sales, pawn shops, flea markets, antique stores and Etsy?
Kenner CaptainDunsel 15 days ago
B&W TVs are living with 8 track players and buggy whips.
CaptainDunsel Kenner 15 days ago
Let's not forget butter churns, manual typewriter, rotary phones and ice boxes.
MrBill 1 month ago
9/12; missed #4, #8 and #10 - I never watched any of them so had to guess.
Snickers 1 month ago
Got nine out of 12, good but not great.
hermanstein2015 1 month ago
8/12 that wasnt too bad, but I got the important ones right lol ;)
TheDavBow3 1 month ago
I missed that F-Troop had the same number of seasons in b/w as color. Only one I missed! MeTV should put that in their line up. So funny!
texasluva 1 month ago
10 out of 12. Missed one with both and My Three Sons.
Pacificsun 1 month ago
GOOD quiz! Unique too!

For whatever it's worth, MFU (on MeTV & H&I in 2015-16) had more shows transmitted in color than black 'n white, (because all shows are filmed in color). But the first season transmitted in B&W was spectacular! Some shows DO come across better in black 'n white. Some of it has to do with the era of their origin too.
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Technically, they didn't make Green Hornet movies! I'm assuming you mean that when Bruce Lee became a martial superstar, the Kato fights were edited together into a feature!
Dagnabit! I must have shifted Earths again. I could have *sworn* there were a couple of feature length movies edited out of GH episodes for TV or DVD distribution. But IMDB doesn't bear that out - at least not in this reality. (I gotta get this Dimensional Stabilizer fixed!)
EmBee CaptainDunsel 1 month ago
Green Hornet was only on one season and it was in color. Unless you are referring to the B/W serials from the 30s and beyond? The idea here, though was to have them be just one series.
CaptainDunsel EmBee 1 month ago
I think context might have been lost here. (MeTV collapsed a lot of the thread to a "click here" link.)
I mentioned "The Green Hornet" in reference to shows edited into movies, not the b&w/color issue. (And of course I was wrong about it...)
Stoney 1 month ago
10 for 12. Have never watched much Gunsmoke or My Three Sons, so I missed them.
15inchBlackandWhite 1 month ago
11/12. F Troop was a trick question. How many series that only lasted two seasons are that well-remembered?
The Munsters, The Addams Family, Here Come the Brides, Land of the Giants, The Ropers, Bosom Buddies, The Outer Limits, Thriller. Most of these can be seen in reruns today or have been shown recently such as Bob on Decades. Most people would say they remember Phyllis and AfterMASH.
cperrynaples Wiseguy 1 month ago
Yes, and F Troop WAS on MeTV several years ago, so it's hardly a forgotten series! Bonus Question: Who is the only surviving cast member?
Snickers cperrynaples 1 month ago
I think Larry Storch is the only one from F Troop still alive.
cperrynaples Snickers 1 month ago
Yep, in his '90's!
Have a few questions for you, cperrynaples, {or anyone who would like to participate.} Your response as to the age of Larry Storch inspired them.
1. Of these 3 nonagenarians:
A. Larry Storch
B. Dick Van Dyke
C. Betty White. Who is the youngest - oldest. {Give ages, please.}
Question two:
{This should be easy:} Which one of the listed three's iconic/signature shows, was not on the same network as the other two's signature shows?
Question three: Can you name the Networks?
You are wrong about Larry Storch being the only surviving F-Troop cast member. James Hampton is still living. He's 84.
Forgot about the bugler, but to be fair he never got an opening credit! Betty White is the oldest at 98 and I think you meant her in the signature shows, but I will point out that she played Rose on Golden Girls [NBC] AND Golden Palace [CBS],whereas MTM & classic Password were on CBS! Life With Elizabeth was syndicated and Date With The Angels was ABC, but I'm sure you didn't consider them signature shows!
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