Who did it: Bugs Bunny or Jerry Mouse?

They both got into some hilarious cartoon predicaments.

Bugs Bunny and Jerry Mouse share many similarities. They’re both lower down on the traditional food chain but manage to get the better of their would-be hunters over and over again.

Of course, Bugs is much more talkative than Jerry and he contends with all sorts of adversaries while Jerry’s main opponent is Tom.

Here are a few situations Bugs and Jerry found themselves in in the classic theatrical shorts. Can you guess who did what?

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  1. Who faces off against a turtle not one, not two, but three times?
  2. Who recruits a bulldog to be his personal bodyguard?
  3. Who contends with a criminal disguised as a baby?
  4. Who becomes invisible by dunking himself in invisible ink?
  5. Who raises a baby bird after its egg rolls into his house?
  6. Who gains the ability to fly and even dons a red and blue superhero suit?
  7. Who gets a visit from Uncle Pecos, a country singer with a huge mustache?
  8. Who plays golf in Scotland?
  9. Who gets drafted into the Army?
  10. Who battles an adversary around the palace of the king of France?
  11. Who joins “Colonel Korny’s World Famous Circus” in one short?
  12. Who disrupts a performance of the opera ‘Carmen’ with his flamenco dancing?
  13. Who gets chased around ancient Greece?
  14. Who competes with an adversary for the inheritance of a large fortune?
  15. Who concocts a special tonic that gives him super speed in a short directed by Chuck Jones?

Who did it: Bugs Bunny or Jerry Mouse?

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Yuuji 3 hours ago
Kurosaki x Nanjo (Tom and Jerry spoof)
PilotTom 5 days ago
13 out of 15 . MeTv channel 30.2 in Jacksonville Florida will not show Andy Griffith or Green Acres and will not reply to emails as to why not !!!! My wife and I just returned from a out of state vacation and got to watch Andy Griffith and Green Acres every night we where on our trip . Sure was nice !!!!!
Shatner1 PilotTom 5 days ago
It's a local issue. Check out the hat quiz == I answered it there.
JeffPaul76 5 days ago
"You got 13 out of 15'' ----Can't believe your eyes? Believe it! You did great! ------I got 3 and 5 wrong because the screen rolled or scrolled when I clicked on the answers.
Jamesatkinson 5 days ago
Tougher than I thought, missed 4.
Arnold_Ziffel4_life 5 days ago
12/15, Not to bad at all, quite good, at least I think so.
nightshade 5 days ago
14 missed the last one although it could of been either one really lol
MarkSpeck 6 days ago
13 out of 15. Missed on #'s 11 and 12.
moax429 MarkSpeck 5 days ago
Missed the last two.

I guessed mostly on the Tom and Jerry ones. I don't care for MGM's cartoon shorts all that much but I like the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes much better.
robyni23 6 days ago
You got 13 out of 15
Can't believe your eyes? Believe it! You did great!
Missed 11 & 13
Filmnoirfan 7 days ago
11/15 - a tricky quiz about a tricky pair
Runeshaper 7 days ago
7/15 Well, that was rough LOL (-:
BobInBG78 7 days ago
My all time fav T&J was the visit from Uncle "need another string" Pecos with muscle-bound Cousin Butch visit a close second!
Rob12953 7 days ago
10 out of 15, not too bad but mostly guesses
Swifteagle 7 days ago
13/15. I love the older Tom & Jerry cartoons. Slapstick comedy gold.
CortneyNicole 7 days ago
14 out of 15 is perfect! I couldn't get the very last question but I watch these cartoons since I know Bugs and Jerry.
Coloumbo 7 days ago
Well 13 of 15 I still remember all this special cartoons my cartoons memory is still sharp the saga continues yo!!!😎🥶
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