You're quick-witted if you can get 8/10 on this 'Hogan's Heroes' quiz

No 'Hogan's Heroes' fan can truly claim, "I know nothing!"

Hogan's Heroes was a gutsy sitcom that ran for six seasons of antics as American prisoners of war followed Colonel Robert E. Hogan's lead through endless schemes in the name of international espionage. It won Emmy Awards, was nominated for even more, and ranked among Nielsen's Top 10 shows in the year it premiered.

As audiences followed along with these indeed very special operations, critical acclaim grew for the show's snappy writing and spectacular cinematography, as well as for performances by stars like Bob Crane.

Did you follow along through all six seasons of Hogan's Heroes? Then the time has come to match wits with one of your favorite shows. Take the quiz below and see if you're as quick-witted as the show's daring airmen.
  1. Where did 'Hogan's Heroes' take place?
  2. Where did the five main Allied heroes bunk up?
  3. What season did it nearly always seem to be on 'Hogan's Heroes'?
  4. Could Sergeant Hans Schultz be bribed to help the prisoners?
  5. What made the pilot episode so different?
  6. Where was the radio antenna hidden that the soldiers used to make fake broadcasts?
  7. Which of these is NOT the name of one of Klink's secretaries?
  8. Which of these served as trapdoors to get to the underground tunnels?
  9. Which 'Hogan's Heroes' star won two Emmy Awards for his role?
  10. In what year did 'Hogan's Heroes' premiere?
You're quick-witted if you can get 8/10 on this 'Hogan's Heroes' quiz

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