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Every Sunday afternoon you can come by for hand-selected episodes of some of your favorite comedy sitcoms. With a different show each week, there's no telling who will crash the party! Come back to this page weekly to see who’s next on the guest list.

Sunday Block Party

Sunday, February 12
Going, Going... Steady (s2, ep5)
Marcia comes home from school in a daydream and the rest of the family can't figure out her problem. It seems Marcia has a crush on a boy who doesn't even know she's alive, at least not until she studies up on his favorite hobby, insect collecting. The next time she comes home from school, she has exciting news, he asked her to "go steady."
The Not-so-ugly Duckling (s2, ep9)
Jan has been smitten with Clark Tyson and they've been studying together. However, when Marcia casually, steps in the family room, Clark is instantly smitten. Jan becomes insecure about her looks and seeks out ways to get rid of her freckles. However, later, not wanting people to feel sorry for her, Jan makes up an imaginary boyfriend, George Glass.
My Brother's Girl (s1, ep27)
An 8th grade dance has Wally being pressured into attending with a girl, instead of going stag with Eddie. However, Mary Ellen Rogers becomes determined to have Wally take her and goes through Beaver to get to him.
Don Juan Beaver (s6, ep32)
A school dance has Beaver with a major dilemma. He has two girls who ask him to go with them. However, he has a little problem, he accepted the first invitation but now wants out of it when he's asked by the second girl. This leads him to take some of Eddie's poor advice.
The Clampetts Play Cupid (s6, ep17)
Granny is hoping that Elly May and Dash Riprock will settle down and get married, since the two have been out on a lot of dates. Dash is hoping to get a more serious relationship with Elly as well, but her family keeps getting in the way. But Elly is not looking for a future with the Hollywood movie star; she’d rather have a farmer.
Granny's Romance (s3, ep19)
Drysdale sets Granny up with an older man on the Board of Directors, a playboy who dates young, attractive women. Mr. Cavanaugh meets Granny and is not pleased with what he sees. And Cavanaugh’s original date for the night, who is described as his "dear, sweet old aunt" is set up with Jed. Of course, this “Aunt Phyllis” is no older woman; she's a young, glamorous girl.
The Matchmaker (s1, ep25)
Mrs. Howell decides to engineer a romance between Gilligan and Mary Ann.
Lovey's Secret Admirer (s3, ep19)
Mrs. Howell starts receiving mysterious love notes.
Desperately Seeking Anyone (s3, ep)
The date whom Mama and Naomi find for Iola is more interested in Mama.
My Phony Valentine (s5, ep)
When Mama claims to have a date for Valentine's Day, Iola hires an escort—and it's painfully obvious that he's an escort.