The Time Tunnel

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At a government based buried deep in the Arizona desert, America’s greatest and most secret project is underway: The Time Tunnel. But when an experiment goes awry, two scientists, Dr. Douglas Phillips (Robert Colbert) and Dr. Anthony Newman (James Darren), find themselves swept into the infinite swirl of time, tumbling between past and future events, helplessly hurled from one adventure to the next.

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  • 6/30 4:00AMThe Ghost of Nero
    "In 1915, the travelers try to keep the ghost of Nero from taking revenge on a descendant of Nero's rival."
  • 7/7 4:00AMThe Walls of Jericho
    "Warrior-prophet Joshua sends Tony and Doug into Jericho as spies before he attacks the Biblical city."
  • 7/14 4:00AMIdol of Death
    "In 1519, Tony and Doug vow to slow down Cortez's conquest of Mexico."
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Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Season 1
  • Season 1

Ep 1: Rendezvous with Yesterday

Tony and Doug find themselves back in 1912 aboard the ill-fated Titanic.

Ep 2: One Way to the Moon

Tony and Doug materialize on the first manned flight to Mars, where their added weight forces a change in flight plans.

Ep 3: End of the World

In a 1910 mining town, Tony and Doug try to rescue 200 miners trapped by a cave-in.

Ep 4: The Day the Sky Fell In

At Pearl Harbor on December 6, 1941, Tony and Doug find Tony's father, reported missing after the attack.

Ep 5: The Last Patrol

Tony and Doug are charged with espionage when they land in Louisiana just before the battle of New Orleans.

Ep 6: The Crack of Doom

Landing on Krakatoa in 1883, the time travelers try to convince a British scientist that the volcano is about to explode.

Ep 7: Revenge of the Gods

Tony and Doug materialize near ancient Troy just before the last battle between the Trojans and Greeks.

Ep 8: Massacre

The time travelers try to save themselves from the massacre of Custer's Seventh Cavalry.

Ep 9: Devil's Island

The travelers materialize in 1895 on Devil's Island, where they try to help French captain Alfred Dreyfus escape.

Ep 10: Reign of Terror

In Paris during the French Revolution, the time travelers agree to aid Marie Antoinette in exchange for safe-conduct passes.

Ep 11: Secret Weapon

In an Iron Curtain country, Tony and Doug pose as scientists to investigate a primitive enemy time-tunnel in 1956.

Ep 12: The Death Trap

In 1861, Tony and Doug are involved in a plot to assassinate President-elect Abraham Lincoln.

Ep 13: The Alamo

In 1836, the travelers find themselves trapped with the defenders of the Alamo.

Ep 14: Night of the Long Knives

In 19th-century India, Tony and Doug join forces with Rudyard Kipling to forestall an uprising by mountain tribesmen.

Ep 15: Invasion

June 1944. Near Cherbourg, France, Tony and Doug are captured by the Gestapo just before the Allied invasion.

Ep 16: The Revenge of Robin Hood

In 13th-century England, Tony and Doug join Robin Hood's revolt against evil King John.

Ep 17: Kill Two By Two

Tony and Doug are hunted by two officers on a Japanese-held island in 1945.

Ep 18: Visitors from Beyond the Stars

In 1885 Arizona, aliens force Tony and Doug to help them deplete the Earth's protein foodstuffs.

Ep 19: The Ghost of Nero

In 1915, the travelers try to keep the ghost of Nero from taking revenge on a descendant of Nero's rival.

Ep 20: The Walls of Jericho

Warrior-prophet Joshua sends Tony and Doug into Jericho as spies before he attacks the Biblical city.

Ep 21: Idol of Death

In 1519, Tony and Doug vow to slow down Cortez's conquest of Mexico.

Ep 22: Billy the Kid

The time travelers find themselves being hunted by Billy the Kid.

Ep 23: Pirates of Deadman's Island

In 1805, the travelers try to escape from a pirate's Barbary Coast lair before it is shelled by U.S. warships.

Ep 24: Chase Through Time

Planting a bomb in the time tunnel, a saboteur leads Tony and Doug on a chase through three epochs.

Ep 25: The Death Merchant

Tony and Doug set out to checkmate the crafty Machiavelli, who is making a game of the Civil War battle at Gettysburg.

Ep 26: Attack of the Barbarians

In 13th-century Asia, Tony and Doug aid Marco Polo in defending a fort against Mongols led by Genghis Khan's grandson.

Ep 27: Merlin the Magician

In England, the time travelers try to help Merlin the magician secure the throne for young King Arthur.

Ep 28: The Kidnappers

In an attempt to rescue Ann from kidnappers, Tony and Doug travel more than 6000 years into the future.

Ep 29: Raiders from Outer Space

Tony and Doug are at Khartoum in 1883 when the world is menaced by conquerors from outer space.

Ep 30: Town of Terror

Tony and Doug are propelled into the future (1978) to fight invaders siphoning off the Earth's oxygen.