Andy Griffith and Don Knotts had the friendship everyone wanted

Griffith only had a few, but very meaningful words to say about his friend, Don Knotts.

Andy Griffith and Don Knotts were more than just sheriff and deputy on The Andy Griffith Show, the two stars also developed a strong friendship off-screen. There is no denying that the ties in Mayberry run deep, and that the cast had chemistry.

In a 1962 interview with Daily News-Post, Griffith talked about what made Knotts special, to both him and the TV industry.

"I'll tell you about Don Knotts," Griffith said. "He has the touch, yes sir. He's a light comedian and there aren't too many of them around. There's Don Knotts and Tony Randall and Jack Lemmon and that's about the size of it."

Griffith played everyone's favorite sheriff, while Knotts played the hilarious deputy, Barney Fife. Together, Griffith and Knotts created one of the best comedic duos in classic TV. According to Knotts, a lot of people believed he was nervous and small because of the types of roles he took on.

"They say I'm underweight," Knotts said. "But not for a skinny fella, which I am. For a skinny fella, my weight's just right. Isn't that so Andy?"

Griffith came to his rescue.

"You don't catch me arguing with fearless Barney Fife," Griffith responded. 

Playing the role of Barney Fife was life changing for Knotts. According to Griffith, Knotts called him on the phone and asked about the deputy role on The Andy Griffith Show.

"He created that character of Barney Fife, as sure as he's settin' right there," Griffith said. "Don saw the original pilot, which was part of The Danny Thomas Show and then he called me and said 'Andy, you're going to be a sheriff, you'll need yourself a deputy.' And so I did. I'm supposed to be a comedian, you know it? But the fact is, I'm playing straight to Don."

Knotts and Griffith's friendship outlasted the eight successful seasons of The Andy Griffith Show. The two gave us a friendship we all wanted.

"Want to know something personal?" Griffith said. "When I was a young, I was real skinny. Oh my, yes. They used to call me Andy Gump, I was so skinny."

See Don, it couldn't have been too bad being small with a friend like Griffith in your corner!

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wallyandbagfan 2 months ago
Why did Warren Ferguson the new deputy played by Jack Burns disapear from The Andy Griffith Show with no explanation during season 6 of The
Andy Griffith Show?
Also there are two possible reasons why
Joanna Moore played Peggy McMillan on
The Andy Griffith Show for four episodes only. Joanna Moore played Peggy McMillan on The Andy Griffith Show for four episodes only in 1962.Tatum O '
Neal Joanna Moore's daughter was born in 1963.Did Joanna Moore leave The
Andy Griffith Show after only 4 episodes
Because she found out that she was going to have a baby Tatum O Neal.
The other possible reason that
Joanna Moore was dropped playing
Peggy McMillan after only 4 episodes of The Andy Griffith Show is because she was too glamorous for Mayberry.
vinman63 2 months ago
In a side note Ron Howard and Don Knott's are sixth cousin.
JHP vinman63 2 months ago
ok - where does Virgil fit into all of this?

vinman63 JHP 2 months ago
Some people thought that Don Knox and Andy Griffith playing cousins on the show were related in real life.
327053 2 months ago
I read about Andy being with his friend when he passed. 😢
Runeshaper 2 months ago
Andy Griffith and Don Knotts had the friendship everyone wanted = TRUE
MrsPhilHarris 2 months ago
The stayed friends until Don Knott’s passing.
wallyandbagfan 2 months ago
Andy Taylor and Barney Fife
Garry Moore AND Durwood Kirby
Abbott and Costello
Lucy and Ethel
Great Teams LIST..
vinman63 wallyandbagfan 2 months ago
Abbott and Costello hated each other off camera.
FrankensteinLover 2 months ago
True Friendship and Loyalty and what a Show
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