Andy Griffith once said that the best thing that he and Don Knotts did together was nothing at all

The actors were simple men — and it made them famous.

Many of television's younger viewers have dismissed The Andy Griffith Show as "boring," not understanding that the true power of the series lies in its simplicity. Not every television show has to be action-packed, jammed with affairs and violence as far as the eye can see. Many fans confuse excitement with entertainment and never stop to realize that these slower series have merit all by themselves.

The beauty of The Andy Griffith Show was a brief glimpse into small-town life. In Mayberry, the people were kind and the troubles were few. It was the kind of show that made a viewer appreciate the small things, and stop to smell the flowers. 

In an interview with The Record, Andy Griffith spoke about the very simplicity of The Andy Griffith Show that fans had grown to love. Griffith spoke to The Record in 1961, just a short year after the beginning of the series, which meant that the purity of the series seemed to be on his mind from day one.

Even early on in the series, the article makes a point to highlight the chemistry between Don Knotts and Andy Griffith as Barney Fife and Sheriff Taylor, calling it a "pleasant combination." 

But with all of their comedic talents, Griffith argued that there was something that he and Knotts did together that was unmatched in terms of entertainment — nothing at all.

Griffith stated, "We can just do a little bit of that — not too much." He continued, "Sometimes we find little goodies and we stop the story to do it. I think these little bits put us over as a success. The storylines really did it, but the character by-play was a big help."

The actor was aware that the little details in Mayberry were the sort of thing that fans really resonated with, and that all of those little moments combined to make an enormous impact on those tuning into the series.

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ladyfootball 2 months ago
I watched the Andy Griffith Show as a child every night.It is as good now as it was then!
Seahawk8 2 months ago
I still think Andy wanted Knotts out because he stole the show telling Knotts he was quitting after 5 years and then returning when Knotts moved on Sad Griffith would do that
Gablefan Seahawk8 2 months ago
Untrue. A simple search of the MeTV site will tell you the true story.
JDSrthe3rd 2 months ago
I remember this show when I was very young and loved it 😁
WVsassy 2 months ago
I’ve always watched reruns of TAGS. It’s on my TV every single day, and it is hands down my favorite show. It’s like visiting old friends. My 26 yr old son once told me “I had the best childhood. When I hear the Andy Griffith Show, it makes me think of my childhood, because whatever I was doing, Andy and Barn was always playing quietly in the background”. ❤️
MrsPhilHarris WVsassy 2 months ago
What a nice memory.
JHP 2 months ago
that statement makes perfect sense - if I and the lady are beeatching we don't do anything together at all:)
FrankensteinLover 2 months ago
Still my favorite show ever, grew up with it now growing old with it. My heart is forever in Mayberry
Runeshaper 2 months ago
Sometimes those little moments can mean A LOT! I do believe part of the beauty of the show was the small town feel and the love that the folks of Mayberry shared for one another.
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