22 stellar behind the scenes photos from Lost in Space

Do a little star gazing with the cast of the original series.

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It's time to get lost! Lost in nostalgia. Lost in the 1960s. Lost in classic television… Lost in Space!

This beloved franchise kicked off the sci-fi craze on TV in 1965, evolving from an eerie black-and-white thriller to a colorful comedy. 

Let's take a look at the cast at work behind the scenes along the journey.

Tech Bubble

The Everett Collection

Bill Mumy and the Robot prove that Lost in Space was truly pop television

Stellar acoustics

The Everett Collection

Marta Kristen strums a guitar as Mark Goddard and Guy Williams kick back on set.

Making a racket

Dee Hartford truly deserved a gold medal for wearing all that silver.

If the suit fits, wear it

The Everett Collection

June Lockhart tries on a space suit in a wardrobe test.

Pretty in pink… and lime green

The Everett Collection

Angela Cartwright shows off the groovy clothes of the Jupiter 2 crew.

Holiday in the stars

The Everett Collection

The cast wish fans a Merry Christmas in 1965.

Sunday best

The Everett Collection

Mumy and Cartwright are ready for church.

One-eyed wooly

The Everett Collection

Here's a good color look at the cyclops from the black-and-white episode "There Were Giants in the Earth."

A scary Mumy

The Everett Collection

Mumy shows he is a real scream.

Camera guys

The Everett Collection

The boys relax between takes in front of the massive film camera.

Teenagers, mutant turtle

The Everett Collection

The Robinson children pose with a spiky reptile.

B-9, my valentine

The Everett Collection

Verda (Hartford) and the Robot show they are true love bots.

Check mates

The Everett Collection

Jonathan Harris plays against the computer.

Pawn your silver

Hartford gets in on the game, too.

Head case

As Harris poses with a prop from "Treasure of the Lost Planet," you can see the upper edge of the "sky" backdrop.

Get the point

Even the guest stars sparkled.

Smith and Western

Allan Melvin of The Phil Silvers Show and Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. jokes around on the set of the Western-themed episode "West of Mars."

Ready for the big game

Harris and Mumy pose for the camera.

Rock and lull

The Everett Collection

Hartford and Cartright relax on set.

A show of hands

The Everett Collection

Harris sneaks up from behind.

Reuniting with friends

AP Photo / Steven Senne

The cast got back together in 1995 to toast the 30th anniversary of the show.

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Pacificsun 36 months ago
Those are some great photos!! Wow did those costumes pop! I used to take a lot for granted about that show. But seeing the pictures in true digital reproduction shows how much effort they put into the show! Plus the actors had a certain chemistry and charism that shines through!
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