Don Most met the love of his life when she appeared on Happy Days

Morgan Hart played a pretty blonde who kissed the Fonz, but it was Ralph Malph who romanced her in the real world.

The Palm Beach Daily

When Morgan Hart appeared on Happy Days, she played a pretty blonde named Angela who smooches Fonzie, but by the end of "Fools Rush In," a totally different cast member had struck her fancy behind the scenes.

Ralph Malph actor Don Most almost wasn't cast on Happy Days because producers thought maybe Richie should be the only redhead.

Fortunately for Most, the producers plugged him into the cast anyway, because when Morgan arrived onset that day, Happy Days' second favorite redhead met his true love.

For Hart, Happy Days was only her second role ever, having only previously played a minor role just called "Girl" for an episode of The Incredible Hulk. Her career was only beginning.

For Most, though, Hart arrived at a moment when he was feeling a lot of pressure to perform on Happy Days, as one of its most visible stars. The stress of wanting the show to do as well as possible in the ratings had somewhat soured him to all the fame and fortune that came with playing Ralph Malph.

"I remember vividly there was a period when Happy Days was at the top of the ratings and I was doing really well, at least as far as money was concerned," Most told "I had all of these things going on and I was still not happy."

But then he met Morgan. Soon, they were dating, and then they became completely smitten, and then they were happily wed — almost two years to the day after her Happy Days episode aired.

Most knew she was the one, because the moment she entered his life, his zest for life returned. Eventually, he realized that what he was discovering was that happiness in life wasn’t all about money and success.

"Having a family made me realize that too much emphasis is placed on things of a material nature," Most said. "Sure, it's important to [have security], but the emphasis on [wealth] is out of balance. There are so many other things that can bring you peace and contentment."

In a photo printed in The Palm Beach Daily in 1982 a few months after they said "I do," Morgan poses beaming in an off-the-shoulder white dress, leaning into Most, the perfect picture of lovestruck newlyweds.

Most told The Kansas City Star that year that his only hesitation before proposing was considering any conflict that might arise between two actors in the same family.

Clearly, his love for Morgan helped melt those fears away.

"I was concerned about possible career conflicts," Most said. "Egos come into play, such as when one person is doing better professionally than the other. There's also the chance to meet lots of interesting and attractive people. In our situation, I think we can work it out."

The Mosts have worked it out, still married, supporting one another through sickness and health, right up to this day.

Back on their wedding day in 1982, the Daily News came upon the couple and captured how happy Donny was to have taken Morgan as his bride after their fateful meeting on Happy Days:

"Good reason why Donny Most of Happy Days fame and actress Morgan Hart were looking blissfully happy the other night at the 37th St. Hideaway: They were quietly married a week ago at his home in Malibu."

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RodBurley 35 months ago
Anson Williams also met his wife on Happy Days as well; Lorrie Mahaffy, whom also played his girlfriend. They were married between 1978-86.
Spidermom71 35 months ago
I worked as a Table Games supervisor at the Rio in Las Vegas, part of the job is customer service and signing people up for our rewards program. A gentleman with red hair that was staying at the hotel sat at a table in my section, he looked familiar. I went over to talk to him and asked for his ID to sign him up for a rewards card, he was so nice and polite. I looked at his ID and asked him if he was the Donny Most from Happy Days and he said yes. The next day I saw his wife with him, you could see the love between the two of them and they acted like newlyweds. I've seen the worst of the worst in Las Vegas but this couple was like a breath of fresh air. I've met a lot of celebrities in Las Vegas but this is the one I brag about meeting the most, his personality and the love for his wife stood out in my mind more than any one else. Donny and Morgan are wonderful people and I'm glad to have had the pleasure of meeting them. May they have many more years of happiness. Thank you MeTV for the uplifting story and for recognizing the love that this couple shares.
bdettlingmetv Spidermom71 35 months ago
Thanks Spidermom71 - that was some delicious icing to a beautiful story! I've met and worked with a double handful of celebrities in my time. Have to admit they were mostly pleasant encounters since it was almost always in a professional setting. So glad you had that experience, and any other stories you'd care to share, well, I'm all ears!
Andybandit 35 months ago
Nice story. It how Don Most found his true love on Happy Days.
Pacificsun 35 months ago
Two reactions to comments in this Thread: (1) The show's success didn't rely on being an accurate period piece. It would've been more expensive to do it that way. More time in makeup, hair and costuming. Instead, there is the "suggestion" of the day, as it works into the storytelling. Plus, the characters/actors needed to stand for themselves, meaning that too much costuming might've distracted from their innate personalities! (Like who needed to "dress" Ronny Howard!!). Although they did a great job with Erin Moran!! It really made her stand-out!

And 2) the show regardless of its Nielson number of the year, was popular (enough) as the article points out. I had to go back and reread the article because it was a bit disjointed due to all the quotes. It could’ve been summed up by saying: Donny Most was under pressure, looking for meaning, while his future wife could've been attracted to the series' co-star, she fell for the supporting actor instead, and they lived happily ever after for 38+ years and going strong!!

Thanks MeTV Staff writers for doing all research, and providing us with a neat backstory!! We love those!

Michael Pacificsun 35 months ago
It got to air because of fifties nostalgia, including "American Graffitti". In the early episodes it seemed to fit the era.

But I think as time went on, they realized the appeal wasn't the time period, but the characters. I think that was the real reason, the cost of period accuracy second.

As time went on, it just seemed like a sitcom, the situation mostly at home.
Pacificsun Michael 35 months ago

Thank you for saying it better than I did!!
MrsPhilHarris 35 months ago
Off topic, in the photos above both his and her hair styles are not from the 1950s. I wonder why the show gave up on making anyone look like they lived in the 50s.
Maverick66 MrsPhilHarris 35 months ago
The show advanced into the 1960s (time didn't remain static), so they could have morphed into hippies considering how long the show ran.
MrsPhilHarris Maverick66 35 months ago
True but I think it was supposed to be early 60s.
harlow1313 MrsPhilHarris 35 months ago
I was particularly off put when the disco era rolled in, and The Fonze traded his leather jacket and jeans for a leisure suit. Whoa!
Maverick66 35 months ago
Nice story. Don Most sounds well-grounded, especially for a celebrity. Good that they found each other & are still together.
denny 35 months ago
Marion Ross was a redhead as well. So 3 not 2 on the show.
HeleneNeiman denny 35 months ago
Yes, but they were related....mother & Son, so a family resemblance is appropriate
denny HeleneNeiman 35 months ago
I don't understand your reply. Article stated there were 2 red heads on the show, I said there was 3. They didn't count Marion.
bdettlingmetv denny 35 months ago
Splitting, uh, hairs. Seems simple enough. The article reference was to the main characters; the teens. Of course Marion was a redhead, but she didn't present a casting quandary like having two boys in close proximity. HeleneNeiman is exactly right- as Marion played the mom to Richie it was entirely appropriate casting.
LoveMETV22 35 months ago
Nice story. The comment that was interesting was: "Hart arrived at a moment when he was feeling a lot of pressure to perform on Happy Days, as one of its most visible stars". They were well into the series at that point Season 7 episode 21 or 163rd episode overall. I would think by that point he had established his role. But all in all a good story and it sounds like he's happy which is what matters.
Deleted 35 months ago
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Pacificsun 35 months ago
😉 Henry Winkler got married in 1975. The series ran from 1974-1984. My guess is, actors kiss like actors. (Italics here) Especially when they're married!! Just a hunch.

But a fun question, made me look up the details! 😉
TeresaDraper 35 months ago
Anson Williams married the actress who played his girlfriend Jennifer ? on the show but they are divorced
MrBill 35 months ago
Henry Winkler got married in 1978 not 1975. Ron Howard has been married the longest - he got married June 7, 1975. Anson Williams is twice divorced. HIs first wife Lori Mahaffey played his girlfriend on the show.
Pacificsun 35 months ago
True, my mistake, because I transposed the day-date with the year-date. That's just because I'm stupid!

Thanks for keeping people straight 😉
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