Here's why Jean Vander Pyl called working on The Flintstones ''kind of like a homecoming''

The cast of The Flintstones already loved each other, even before the show began.

Credit: Warner Brothers

Just because something is old doesn't mean it isn't still good. Obviously, you know this because you're reading this article on, and not to toot our own horn, but we're kind of the place to be for timeless television. However, there are a lot of young people today who haven't reached the "Respect Your Elders" chapter of their etiquette manual, and who seem to think that when something reaches a certain age, it loses value. 

We're here to dispel that myth, yet again. Take a show like The Flintstones, for example. It originally aired in the 1960s, yet the series still has an audience of viewers young and old, who love to laugh at the citizens of Bedrock. Moreover, the series actually takes place in the Stone Age, which is about as old as practically anything can get. Still, the show provides engaging and entertaining content, episode after episode. Is every episode authentic to the time period? Absolutely not, that family has a dinosaur as a house pet. Is it still an incredibly relatable and hilarious series? Yes, absolutely.

According to an interview with The Los Angeles Times, it was incredibly entertaining for the cast of The Flintstones to bring those loveable characters to life as well. 

Jean Vander Pyl, best known for voicing Wilma Flintstone, said that the true success of the series lay in the friendship that the voice actors shared with one another, not only during their time on the series but through their shared experiences through radio.

She stated, "We were all such good friends. We had worked together for many years on radio shows. This was kind of like a homecoming." 

Vander Pyl also argued that The Flintstones was such a widely enjoyed series because of its broad appeal, both to young and old audience members. She said, "The Flintstones also was good clean humor. They didn't have to get their humor from smut, you know."

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Classictv61 2 months ago
I read the articles to enjoy it. Not to pick mistakes.
Classictv61 2 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Bookman1963 2 months ago
Her name was Jean, not Jane.
Bookman1963 Bookman1963 2 months ago
They got it right in the headline but not the story.
Runeshaper 2 months ago
The Flintstones is a FANTASTIC series! It's nice to read that the cast got along so well (-:
editorsnote 2 months ago
Hey kids, this show series didn't "actually" take place during the cartoon stone age. Dinosaurs and humans never "actually" coexisted.

It took place during the creators created age.

Good to be honest with the kiddies.
cperrynaples 2 months ago
The rest of the cast should be mentioned! Fred was Alan Reed, who did Life With Luigi on radio! Betty was Bea Benederet, who did the radio version of Green Acres as well as Burns & Allen! MeTV fans know her as Pearl on Beverly Hillbillies and Kate on Petticoat Junction! And of course Barney was the great Mel Blanc, who did everything from Bugs Bunny to Jack Benny! I still chuckle at the Mexican sketch ["Cy?" Si!"]
Kavajava cperrynaples 2 months ago
Bea Benederet played Lucille Ball's best friend on her radio show, My Favorite Husband. Gail Gordon played Bea's husband. Lucy wanted both on her TV show, I Love Lucy, but they were already committed to other shows.

Also, Richard Denning played Lucy's husband on the radio show. He later retired to Hawaii. When they filmed the original Hawaii Five-O series they asked him to play the governor.
cperrynaples Kavajava 2 months ago
I knew all that! Benederet was working for Burns & Allen and Gordon was Our Miss Brooks! Gale of course did The Lucy Show & Here's Lucy, as well as the infamous Life With Lucy!
CharlesRocksClone 2 months ago
This show and the Jetsons should also air Saturday mornings at 6:00am, before the regular Saturday morning cartoon block at 7:00am.
Well what's wrong with Sunday morning? Even if you sleep late, you can always record it!
I am talking about keeping the 2hr Sunday block and adding an additional Flintstones and Jetsons block to 6:00am Saturday morning, so both shows can be part of Saturday morning cartoons. Basically, it will expand Saturday morning cartoons to a 4hr block and not mess with the Saturday Western block. So in the future, if METV wants to add any new retro cartoons, it won't be a major schedule shakeup.
They could also use the 6:00am slot to show the different Flintstones and Jetsons animated specials and movies.
I assume you mean the reboots! MeTV only shows the '60's toons!
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