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Can you guess the lyrics to these pop songs from the 1960s?

Wouldn't it be nice to get a 10/10 on this quiz?

Can you guess the lyrics to these 1970s pop songs?

What type of animal was Jeremiah?

How does your taste in music compare to other MeTV fans?

Take our survey and see how your opinions stack up to others.

We can guess your age based on your taste in music

What you listen to reveals a lot.

Which 1970s song must go?

This might be the hardest decision you'll make today.

How well do you remember these ABBA lyrics?

How can you resist this quiz?

Which Christmas song came first?

Was Brenda Lee rockin' around the Christmas tree before Earth Kitt was pining for Santa?

You're an honorary elf if you can complete these Christmas carol lyrics

It helps to sing along.


10 truly unlikely songs that made the Top 30 in 1967

Some tracks put the wonder in one-hit wonder.

50 years ago "San Francisco (Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair)" kicked off the Summer of Love

The Scott McKenzie hit had every hippie yearning for California.

10 sweet things you never knew about the Archies

True facts about the ultimate fictional pop band.

How many fictional TV bands can you identify on our fantasy music festival poster?

Only a TV trivia master can recognize all 44 acts.

10 shaggy, soulful one-hit wonders from 1973

A MeTV star and a funky piece of movie music proved to be pop smashes.

9 greased-back facts about Sha Na Na

The pop band ignited the '50s revival. Grease for peace!

The 8 kookiest records ever made by child stars of the 1970s

Rippy. McNichols. Rist. None of them quite became Michael Jackson, to say the least.

12 classic TV shows that changed their theme songs

Do you remember the original tunes from 'The Twilight Zone' and 'Family Matters'?

The 10 weirdest one-hit-wonders of the 1980s

Who knew that the Three Stooges, Mozart and Irving Berlin would be so popular in the Eighties?

One-hit wonders of 1975

Oh-ho-ho, they're magic!

10 gloriously gooey one-hit-wonder love songs of the 1970s

"Love Is in the Air," indeed.

The original 'Batman' soundtrack gets a beautiful new vinyl reissue

Holy vinyl revival, Batman!

Remembering Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours' on its 40th anniversary

The best-selling album remains iconic four decades later.

8 cover versions of the 'Mary Tyler Moore Show' theme song

"Love" was indeed all around.

These were the Top 10 hits in America this week in 1981

Diana Ross, the Boss and a recently deceased Beatle dominated the pop charts.

9 rock bands who took their names from classic television

You'd have to be a serious fan of 'CHiPs' and 'M*A*S*H' to catch these references.

These were the top 11 grossing concert acts forty years ago

Near the end of his life, Elvis was still the King.

8 awesome facts about ABBA

The Swedish pop sensation blew up four decades ago, with a little help from the oil and fish industries.

13 unlikely and unforgettable one-hit wonders of 1977

Here's something 'Star Wars' and 'I Love Lucy' have in common.

Billy Joel envisioned the year 2017 way back in 1976

A newspaper headline inspired the Piano Man.

Karen Carpenter was the 'Queen of Christmas' in the 1970s

Her voice and her Christmas specials were the highlights of the holiday season.

14 strange and sincere Christmas albums by classic TV characters and stars

Get in the Christmas spirit with rare records from Bonanza, Brady Bunch and Star Trek actors.

These were the No. 1 pop songs on Christmas Day in the 1970s

Nope, none of them were holiday tunes.

1976 served up the strangest batch of new Christmas songs

Santa was bionic and big into C.B. radio forty years ago.

12 forgotten Christmas carols of the 1960s

Who says an Xmas song can't make you dance or cry?

'Happy Days' actor Donny Most has a new Christmas album

Ralph Malph goes big band for the holidays.

These were the No. 1 songs in America on Election Day in the past

Everyone from the King to one-hit-wonders were topping the charts when we voted.

26 fictional pop bands that rocked on classic TV shows

Who says the Gories, Mosquitoes and Mayhem can't be your favorite bands?

Pop flashback: These were the top 10 songs this week in 1969

The holiday season kicked off with songs about sugar and… er, summertime.

8 candid facts about Telma Hopkins of 'Tony Orlando and Dawn'

The pop singer and sitcom star celebrates her birthday today!

18 classic TV theme songs that made the pop charts

Peter Gunn and Kotter were musical titans, too.

R.I.P. Bobby Vee, teen idol of the 1960s

The "Run to Him" singer passed away at 73.

For 52 years, "Little Boxes" was the shortest pop song to ever chart. Until this week.

Womenfolk make way for a Japanese novelty tune.

Rick Springfield was the hardest working rocker on 1970s TV

Before "Jessie's Girl," he was brushing shoulders with the Brady Bunch and Wonder Woman.

8 great music TV shows from the '70s and '80s

Series like 'Soul Train' and 'The Midnight Special' brought the concert and club to your living room.

13 bell-ringin' one-hit wonders of 1979

New York, London, Paris, Munich, everybody talk about pop music.

11 spooky, obscure Halloween songs for your retro costume party

Dig deep in pop's graveyard for tunes creepier than "Monster Mash."

Someone has to celebrate the 40th anniversary of "Disco Duck"

Take a quack moment to remember this unlikely No. 1 hit.

Dickie Goodman was perhaps the oddest chart success in '60s and '70s pop music

The King of Novelty spoofed everything from 'Batman' and Watergate to E.T. and King Kong.

Did you cut out and save these records from the backs of cereal boxes?

"Sugar Sugar" sounded sweet off a box of Super Sugar Crisp.

Do you remember these bands of "Brothers" from the 1970s?

Was it just us, or was every pop act made up of siblings back then?

Do you remember these obscure teen idols of the early '60s?

Not everyone could be Ricky Nelson.