5 times Bugs Bunny ate something other than a carrot

There were a few rare occasions where Bugs munched on something other than his signature snack.

Bugs Bunny is so associated with carrots, he’s the reason it’s commonly believed rabbits eat them, even though his signature snack has more to do with Clark Gable than an actual rabbit’s diet.

Bugs ate a carrot that gave him superpowers, chopped down tree-sized carrots in a giant’s garden, ate carrot soup instead of porridge at the three bear’s house and on and on. He even decorates his many different underground dwellings with pictures of carrots!

That got us thinking, does he ever eat anything else? Turns out, he does! Sometimes. After scouring dozens of Bugs Bunny cartoons, we’ve picked out five times the wascally wabbit ingests something other than his favorite root vegetable. Do you know of any other times not on this list? Let us know in a comment!

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1. Hare-Um Scare-Um

The rabbit in this early cartoon is not quite the Bugs Bunny we know and love but he’s definitely a good prototype. His look is pretty close to the final design and he has fun antagonizing a hunter – a very Bugs-like activity. At one point he chomps on a stalk of celery, stating that it’s good for the nerves “and boy have I got nerve!” The main thing that differentiates this bunny from Bugs is the voice. Mel Blanc does something closer to Woody Woodpecker than Bugs’ eventual Brooklyn inflection.

2. Elmer’s Pet Rabbit

Though Bugs’ voice still sounds a little different in this cartoon, it’s definitely him. He was already a popular character and the title card makes a point to say “featuring Bugs Bunny” at the beginning. When Elmer picks up a new pet rabbit, he feeds him a whole bucketful of vegetables. Carrots are there, but Bugs also munches on celery and entire heads of lettuce as he feigns outrage at the stereotypical rabbit food.

3. Baseball Bugs

When Bugs sees a baseball team clobbering their opponents, he brags that he could beat them “with one hand tied behind my back.” The mean-looking players then gather around his hole to take him up on the offer. Having already finished his carrot in a hotdog bun, Bugs grabs a handful of peanuts (or maybe cracker jacks?) before asking his famous catchphrase. The snack provides the same crunch that usually comes before “Eh, what’s up, Doc?” but with a fun baseball twist.

4. Hare We Go

This cartoon retells the story of Christopher Columbus setting sale in 1492. After the King of Spain rejects Columbus’ theory that the world is round, Queen Isabella, voiced like a film noir Mae West-type by Bea Benaderet, offers her jewels if “Chris” can prove the world is round. Thus, Columbus and Bugs set sail. On the ship, they eat some kind of soup as the sea rocks them back and forth. When the bowl falls, splattering the grub on the ground in front of a door labeled “Captain’s Mess,” Bugs jokes that, “If it’s the Captain’s Mess, let him clean it up.”

5. Hot Cross Bunny

In one of Bugs Bunny’s many run-ins with a mad scientist, the French doctor in this short wants to switch the minds of a rabbit and a chicken. As the scientist chases Bugs around the lab, Bugs grabs random ingredients and mixes them together, declaring “One more step and I’ll blow you up! This contains manganese, phosphorous, nitrate, lactic acid and dextrose.” The scientist laughs, saying that’s just the formula for a chocolate malt. Delighted, Bugs gulps down his creamy concoction. We’re cheating a little because he’s not eating anything but seeing Bugs ingest something not carrot related is a rarity so we had to include it.

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Todd 11 days ago
Toon in With Me is already getting tiresome. The skits are not funny and the characters are annoying. Also, the late 1960s WB Looney Tunes are just not up to the standards of the 1940s-50s Looney Tunes. I have pretty much stopped watching as the novelty has worn off.
Toonhead Todd 11 days ago
I agree with you on the late 60s looney tunes but some of them aren’t bad and as far as the live skits, some of them are hilarious. I guess you need to go to YT. 😎
Bakerlr17 13 days ago
Love the show, it reminds me of Saturday mornings watching Looney tunes with my late dad. I'm curious, where did Bill pick up all his knowledge about the toons you show?
DUH! Ever heard of a 7 letter word called R-E-A-D-I-N-G?!?! Try it sometime. See what knowledge your cranium and soak up! None of us are born with knowledge of any kind, our brains need to absorb what we are taught. I am sure Bill is no exception. Read. Watch. Listen. Learn. That's all it takes to learn about anything.
Oh, speaking of reading: I bet Bill was reading the info. he's passing on, off of {if this were a show from "back in the day,"} "Idiot/Cue Cards." Nowadays, he's probably reading the info. off of a teleprompter.
It's obvious you haven't read the METV interview w/Bill Leff, {TIWM.} otherwise you wouldn't be asking these questions. Read the interview, then all(?) questions will be answered.
Are you referring to the Jerry Beck interview with Bill Leff on the Animation Scoop site?
Ooh! That’s a bit harsh Stephanie even if what you say is spot on. I’m thinking that the gentleman was asking for source material, and where to find it. Not all of us are internet aces like you, especially me. I’m further thinking that a clue to the history/backstory of classic toons would be much appreciated by all, especially me lol! Thanks. Always a pleasure my dear, have a nice day. 👍😎
Toonhead 13 days ago
This is why I love Bill and the Toon In With Me show! I really appreciate the trivia and fun facts just like this! In fact it makes me overuse exclamation points! Keep up the great work! Thanks! 👏👏😝🤣👍😎
bagandwallyfan52 13 days ago
In the Bugs Bunny Cartoon
A Heckling Hare where Bugs
And a dog fall off a cliff
And they scream all the way
Down .I also heard that there is
An alternate ending for A
Heckling Hare.
Yes, there is. That alternate ending can be viewed on You Tube.
RellieB 13 days ago
I love, Love , Love ME TV!

Will Welcome Back Kotter be airing on Me TV?
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Toonhead LoveMETV22 12 days ago
I’m wondering if it is a case of stability in the ratings? It may be that they’re satisfied with what they’re getting and to heck with the rest of us. Or it could also be the habitual viewing habits of the audience. Though why they would push Monk, a newer show that is being played by almost everyone, on us perplexed me. That show airs on at least four different channels in my market and one would think with what, 70 years of tv and great shows going unseen, that they could do a little better. Thanks.😎
LoveMETV22 Toonhead 11 days ago
Whatever we wonder are guesses. There are probably a number of reasons they're keeping it. I've stopped wondering about the whys as it seems it is here to stay for the time anyways. Maybe they will change it at some point hopefully.
Toonhead LoveMETV22 11 days ago
Hope is a good thing. I’m with you on that. I was just musing, hoping to get some insight. I think the best thing to do is just stop watching the programs we’re tired of and hope (there’s that word again lol) that the ratings decline brings about changes. But hey, what the heck do I know, just sayin’. 😎
LoveMETV22 Toonhead 11 days ago
Yes, I agree They're going to do what they're going to do . I don't think anyone knows on here unless they happen to be a network executive. I still like the network just give us a few program changes (which I'm sure or hope they will eventually).
top_cat_james_1 13 days ago
It's not a short from the "classic" era, but Bugs is munching on popcorn at the end of BOX OFFICE BUNNY (1990).
JessePindus 14 days ago
He also munched on a banana in "Hare Lift" when trying to get Yosemite Sam to slip on the peel. In "Ali Baba Bunny it's mentioned that he also eats clams. In "Rabbit Transit" we see him roast a hot dog over Cecil Turtle's rocket-powered shell, though he throws it away a few frames later.
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texasluva Toonhead 11 days ago
Okay here I am. Did the Toonhead not tune into the MQ this last Friday? Have you checked it out or maybe it's the wrong time (10P.M. CT)? MPH got it in a few minutes if that (Wild River (1960). Also having The Greatest Show on Earth, The Fury as bonus movies. Along with some decent entertainment. No I did not do a song and dance routine but let the experts do their thing from YT. It is still up for view if interested. You get all the movies to watch as long as wished. Weekend ones went up-Good, The Bad and The Ugly + Quigley Down Under. If you still wish to be notified let me know. Tuning in or Toonhead out
Toonhead texasluva 10 days ago
I’m in thanks. Please repeat your link so I can write it down again. Thanks 👍😎
texasluva Toonhead 10 days ago
The link would be dozens. You can click on my name and see the Movie Quizzes each Friday or the weekend movies I send out. Even the start of the week coming attractions. The link for each Friday Quiz comes on Friday. All the past ones should be on MeTV site for the past 1 year plus. The quiz is at different venues (former quizzes or stories). I will send you later this weeks updates and then the movie quiz location on Friday afternoon. You can go back to quiz: Can you guess what show Linda Evans is in? This was last Friday's one location. You go down the quiz list and click on it and cursor down to see all the guesses and the conversation, movies and entertainment.
Toonhead LoveMETV22 10 days ago
Gasp! Lol!🙄😝😎
RobertM 14 days ago
In their description of "Hare We Go", "sail" is misspelled as "sale".
Runeshaper 14 days ago
Seems like Bugs is open to edible suggestions LOL
justjeff 15 days ago
The interesting thing about the gang at "Termite Terrace" (the WB animation studio) is that they admitted making the cartoons for their own amusement...not for the kids, and not for the adults.

If they thought a gag was funny, they left it in. Obviously their 'formula' worked, because Looney Tunes are pretty much the "gold standard" in classic cartoons...

In one of the 'Platinum' DVD collections there's a "blooper reel" black and white Porky Pig cartoon where he keeps hitting his thumb with a hammer and stutters "Son of a B-b-b!" After running this gag a few times, Porky looks to the camera and says "I'll bet you thought I was going to say "Son of a B -b-b_____!" (using the full word). I can just imagine this in-house gag being run at a Christmas party on the WB back lot...
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justjeff LoveMETV22 13 days ago
Thank you!
Toonhead justjeff 13 days ago
I saw that once on TCM! It’s truly unexpected and completely hilarious! 👏👏😝👍😎
Not only to give your your wrist and hand a breather, but your brain as well. You thought about font ideas any longer...I would hate to think you would come down w/a bout of Monty Python's Gumbyitis. {aka: "My brain hurts!"}
I have a special place in my memory for your Northbrook and Village Green fonts. I lived on a 7 house cul-de-sac in Deerfield Il, called VG, and NB was the next 'burb over. There was a strip mall called Deerbrook, because they were neighbors plus NB had its own mall called Northbrook Court. Basically, I only recall going to NB for shopping only. If I were an Aussie, I'd say: "Good on ya mate!" about the fonts. Oh! I'm not and it looks like I just did!
What a nice coincidence, Stephanie. So glad those font names evoked some pleasant memories for you. With over 230,000 type designs for sale at my main distributor, finding a name that's not being used is getting harder than picking a winning lottery combination...
Andybandit 15 days ago
Cool story. I didn't remember when Bugs Bunny didn't eat anything then carrots.
PulsarStargrave 15 days ago
Behind the scenes, to the animators working on the films, there was no "prototype", he was first referred to as "Bug's Bunny", after "Bugs" Hardaway, the man who started the rabbit's adventures. According to Warner Bros., no one person created Bugs Bunny, but it was a character which evolved from picture to picture, with each director tweaking it along the way, much like how Porky Pig developed. I think it was around the release of "Hare Um Scare Um" that they started calling him "Bugs Bunny" in the promotional material, but I'm not certain.The Brooklyn accent wasn't even in "A Wild Hare" , directed by Avery but a few pictures later.
Great story, great trivia about a favorite toon character! Bravo! 👏👏😝👍😎
Porky Pig also went through an evolution. Originally very rotund, he was voiced by a fellow who actually did stutter - terribly - and after wasting foot after foot of film soundtrack trying to capture usable dialogue, Mel Blanc's eventual hire by Leon Schlesinger was the saving grace for the character's persona... The cartoon unit also dumped "Beans" the 'partner' of Porky in many earlier cartoons. The team of "Porky and Beans" went over as well as "death and taxes"...
CoreyC 15 days ago
When Bugs wasn't eating carrots Mel Blanc was thrilled cause he hated carrots. Mel would spit the carrots out.
Toonhead CoreyC 13 days ago
True dat! Wowsers I’m proud to hang out with such knowledgeable tooners! 👏👏😝🤣👍😎
teire 15 days ago
This would have made a good quiz — “In [name of cartoon], was Bugs munching on a carrot or on something else?”
WordsmithWorks 15 days ago
I don't know if this counts, but in "Hyde and Hare" Bugs drank the potion that turned him into Mr. Hyde.
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That one comes pretty close to gnarly, but it should be included. Always nice to hear from you kiddo. 😝👏👍😎
Toonhead LoveMETV22 13 days ago
Makes you wonder if that’s where George Burns got the idea for the Burns & Allen show, doesn’t it? Lol 😝🤣👏👍😎
Priceless! Thanks. 👏👍🤣😎
LoveMETV22 Toonhead 12 days ago
Id have to say other actors probably got ideas and inspirations from Burn's and Allen.
Peter_Falk_Fan 15 days ago
That picture for "Hot Cross Bunny" reminded me of "Hare Remover". When Elmer Fudd thinks that he turned Bugs into a bear.

"Be vewry, vewry quiet. I'm hunting bearbits!"
Heh heh heh! Lol!👍😎
LoveMETV22 15 days ago
LoL . Although Bugs doesn't appear in it the "Clark Gable" mention makes me think of the
Looney Tunes "Hollywood Steps Out (1941)".

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