5 times Eve Plumb appeared on a show other than The Brady Bunch

Plumb played over 50 different characters that weren't named Jan Brady. Here's a small selection!

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Eve Plumb is the actress who brought the role of Jan Brady from The Brady Bunch to life. Although fans will forever see her as a Brady, she had a career full of success.

Some of her other roles, both supporting and guest starring, were versatile on shows in genres like Westerns, comedies and dramas.

Here are five times the actress appeared on a show other than The Brady Bunch.

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1. The Big Valley - "Brother Love"


Character name: Ellen

Although she was only in one scene in this episode, Plumb portrayed a young girl named Ellen. The character didn't have a lot of lines, but she was full of life.

Fun fact: Plumb appeared on The Big Valley two more times in episodes called "Hide the Children," where she played Sara Jane, and "Explosion! Part 2," where she played Laure, a crying orphan whose peer tried to run away.

2. Mannix - "Edge of the Knife"


Character name: Marian

Although this is an uncredited role, it's hard not to recognize one of television's classic child stars when watching the episode. In this episode, Plumb played Marian, a young girl in the hospital who needed surgery.

Fun fact: This was one of the roles Plumb snagged before her starring part on The Brady Bunch. Also, it was one of four television roles she had in 1968.

3. Gunsmoke - "Gold Town"


Character name: Sue

Plumb played one of the school children in this episode. She would raise her hand to answer questions and ask them in the brief scene. The character was a small part but different than her other child roles because she was like a hillbilly.

Fun fact:
This episode aired a few months before The Brady Bunch premiered in 1969.

4. The Love Boat - "Command Performance/ Hyde and Seek/ Sketchy Love"


Character name: Beth

In this episode, Plumb plays a young woman who comes on a cruise with her mom for a vacation. A comedian is playing a show during the trip, and he's the father who left them years ago. This role gave Plumb a more dramatic part than Jan Brady.

Fun fact: The actress appeared on two more episodes of The Love Boat between 1978 and 1982.

5. Facts of Life - "Best Sisters: Part 1 & 2"


Distributed by Sony Pictures Television

Character name: Meg

This is one of Plumb's older roles, where she grows out of being seen as a child star to an adult. In this role, she plays Meg, Blair's sister, who happens to be a nun that inspires Jo. This role is another one that's different from her starring part in The Brady Bunch.

Fun Fact: This role came before A Very Brady Christmas, along with a few other parts showing Plumb's success after The Brady Bunch.

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There were smiles all around the set.


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chris1951 6 months ago
Played a bad girl in an episode of "Murder She Wrote". Small part but well played.
Catmom10 13 months ago
She was also in Family Affair in the episode Christmas Came Early where played a dying girl.
Coldnorth 15 months ago
Every actor has to start somewhere. Being in a well known sitcom got her other acting jobs. Maybe when there was a role that had to be cast, they said “Bring us the Jan Brady girl.” How can you be considered for another role when nobody knows you. Geeeezzz
Rickynews1969 16 months ago
She was also in a season 2 episode of Wonder Woman. The episode was the Pied Piper and she played Joe Atkinson's daughter
kkvegas 16 months ago
I remember her in a TV movie called Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway. She played a teenage prostitute -- quite a departure from Jan Brady.
savagema 16 months ago
I remember Eve Plumb on an episode of Fantasy Island. She was pregnant with her daughter and knew she would be dead while her daughter was still very young. Her fantasy was to see her daughter at different points in her life as she grows up. Then Eve sees her daughter as an adult and prostitute. So Mr. Roarke allows her to enter her daughter's adult life and help her get out of the prostitution game without revealing her true identity. Very good fantasy story. She did well on that one.
bradyguy savagema 15 months ago
Eve was on Fantasy Island 3 times!
Arbie savagema 8 months ago
If memory serves me, the daughter as an adult was played by Alison Arngrim, aka Nellie Oleson.
Patrick643 16 months ago
She was also on a Brady kids episode of "Celebrity Bowling" back in 1975: Peter and Jan against, of course, Greg and Marcia. Jan got her revenge on Marcia when Maureen McCormick bowled a 7-10 split in the final frame, and the middle kids won 140-87, LOL!
Mike 16 months ago
"Long ago, and oh so far away ..."
In 1968, just before she got the Brady gig, Eve Plumb appeared at the beginning of an ABC TV-movie, "The House On Greenapple Road".
She's just getting home from school, and coming home to an empty house.
Not finding anyone home, she goes to her aunt's house across the street ... which is why she doesn't discover the bloody mess in the kitchen ...
... and that leads to the murder mystery that makes up the rest of the movie.
" ... Greenapple Road" is one of the best TV mysteries ever made; it ultimately led to the Dan August series (although Burt Reynolds replaced Christopher George as the lead detective).
You can find it at YouTube or on DVD.
Laffy 16 months ago
Yes, Mrs. Plumb was my favorite from the Brady Bunch.
The show was enjoyable.
All of the actors did good.
I have seen other shows with Mrs. Plumb. Some times I can figure out the person.
On Love Boat, just guessing from the picture, I am going to say Mrs. Marian Ross portrayed her mother.
Laffy Laffy 16 months ago

"It takes a thief", with Mr. Robert Wagner.
WilliamUchtman 16 months ago
Weird fact: Geri Reschl (Fake Jan) auditioned for the role of Blair on "The Facts of Life." If she had gotten the role, both Jan would have been sisters on "The Facts of Life."
Bill, you topped my Little Women story AKA Patty Jan...LOL!
DeborahRoberts 16 months ago
She played "Tug," one of the prisoners, in a fun season 2 episode of "Murder, She Wrote" called "Jessica Behind Bars." Our sleuth visits a women's prison to teach a writing class to inmates and is trapped inside during a riot. She must solve a murder so the prisoners will surrender before state police storm the facility. Eve plays one of the "good" bad girls.
Kahuna 16 months ago
I believe Eve was also in at least 1 episode of "Wonder Woman".
Jon Kahuna 16 months ago
Yes, she appeared in an episode where she was mesmerized by a rock star, played by Martin Mull, who hypnotized young women to steal the receipts from his concerts then demand payment by the orgaznizers.
Bfoxxx 16 months ago
You Forgotten a Here's Lucy that also feature and guest starred Donny Osmond
Kramden62 Bfoxxx 16 months ago
I remember that one, too. She played a girl named Patricia.
WilliamHogan 16 months ago
Also Family Affair "Christmas Came a Little Early" Her character's name was Eve.
LalaLucy WilliamHogan 16 months ago
That is such a good one. ❤️
RedSamRackham LalaLucy 16 months ago
* Indeed it was a most sad tragic episode and the one time Uncle Bill couldn't solve the problem with a few phone calls. Eve's performance as a terminally ill friend of Buffy & Jody was indeed a great dramatic debut for her.
That was a good episode of Family Affair even though it's do sad
Mblack Ssbancroft2023 16 months ago
As I recall, MeTV aired the episode as part of Christmas programming one December.
cperrynaples 16 months ago
Well, here's a Weird Fact: In the '70's, NBC did a miniseries of Little Women in which Eve played doomed sister Beth! When the network ordered a weekly series, she came back as identical cousin Lissa! And if that's not Patty Duke-ish enough, patriarch Reverend John was played by William Schallert! And no, he didn't played Lissa's father...LOL!
Jon cperrynaples 16 months ago
That was a fun miniseries. In addition to Eve Plumb, tv mothers/daughters Meredith Baxter (FAMILY, FAMILY TIES, "Meg"), Susan Dey (PARTRIDGE FAMILY, "Jo"), and Ann Dusenberry (LIFE WITH LUCY, "Amy") played her sisters. William Shatner played Jo's eventual husband, a German immigrant, and Richard Gilliland (OPERATION PETTICOAT, DESIGNING WOMEN) played Amy's eventual husband, "Laurie", w/ Robert Young playing Laurie's grandfather.
cperrynaples Jon 16 months ago
I forgot Lucy's "granddaughter" was in there! I knew about the others and yes Marcus Welby/Jim Anderson was there too!
bradyguy cperrynaples 15 months ago
Nicely done, kids!!

Now, if we want to go REALLY "Six Degrees of BB" crazy on this one...that Little Women miniseries ALSO featured Joyce Bulifant!! (I shouldn't have to tell BB fans why this is important..) AND a character actor named Ben Wright, who appeared in a little film called "The Sound of Music", which featured two young child actors who would eventually grow older and guest-star on....yep, you all know it...The Brady Bunch! Of course, we all know that our beloved Florence Henderson once starred as Maria Van Trapp as well... WHEW!
Beatseeker 16 months ago
i liked marcia... (when she bloomed)
Mblack 16 months ago
I always liked Marcia better.

But "Jan" looks good in Facts of Life and the Love Boat.
AnnaRentzVandenhazel 16 months ago
There was also a miniseries of Little Women in the late 70's, starring Meredith Baxter Birney as Meg, Susan Dey as Jo, Eve Plumb as Beth, and someone I wasn't familar with was Amy. Also Greer Garson as Aunt March and William Shatner as Frederick Bhaer, whom Jo gets engaged to at the end.
I remember seeing that version. I had forgotten Eve was in it.
I surprised I don’t remember it. It sounds like something I would have watched.
Well, read my comment above for something REALLY freaky! BTW, in the weekly series, Susan Walton replaced Baxter, Jessica Harper replaced Dey, David Ackroyd replaced Shatner, and Mildred Natwick replaced Greer Garson! As far as Eve herself...Well, read the post!
Deleted 16 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Mblack 16 months ago
I remember Dawn, but I'm not sure I saw it. It was the time of TV movies, Go Ask Alice, Sarah T, portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic, and Born Innocent. The last two I did see,the former I have on DVD but never watched.
cperrynaples 16 months ago
Well, here's another Weird Fact: The father in Go Ask Alice was Andy Griffith! "FEED YOUR HEAD"...LOL!
Mblack 16 months ago
William Shatner's in there. So is Robert Carradine, Mackenzie Phillips and Charles Martin Smith.

It aired on TV fifty years ago this month
cperrynaples 16 months ago
Well, Captain Kirk and Sheriff Andy in the same movie? Who'd thunk it...LOL!
Mblack 16 months ago
It was between successful shows.
bradyguy 15 months ago
And....yes...Charlie Martin Smith guest starred on....The Brady Bunch!
Moverfan 10 months ago
Yeats before The Brady Bunch, Ann B. Davis was on Love That Bob (which, I think, was also known as The Bob Cummings Show). He played a photographer and she played his assistant...named Schultzie.
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