7 times Carol Brady was the best part of 'The Brady Bunch'

We can't imagine the show without Florence Henderson.

Image: Everett Collection

Florence Henderson was a rarity in Hollywood — an actress who embodied her most famous role both on and off camera. For five seasons, Henderson portrayed Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch. But her devotion to the role didn't stop in the 1970s.

Henderson also reprised the role in variety specials, TV movies, spin-off series and cameo appearances. Because the classic sitcom has been in syndication ever since it went off the air in 1974, it feels like she has been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember.

But Henderson wasn't just "Carol Brady" on camera. The TV mom also remained close to her fictional children. Just days before her death, Henderson was supporting her onscreen daughter Maureen McCormick at the finale of Dancing with the Stars. 

Here are seven episodes that truly showcase why so many of us love to watch her on the show. 

1. A-Camping We Will Go (1969)


Carol wants to bring the family closer together by having the girls join the boys on their annual camping trip, even though the girls don't want to go, and the boys don't want the girls to join.

2. The Grass Is Always Greener (1970)


Is teaching a child how to play baseball harder than teaching a child how to cook? Carol and Mike attempt to settle this question by switching roles for the day. 

3. Tell It Like It Is (1971)


Carol struggles to write an essay about her family for a women's magazine. Her first draft, which is an honest depiction of their hectic lives, is rejected by the editors. But when a second draft seems too good to be true, Carol goes back and forth between telling the truth or being published. 

4. The Big Bet (1972)


Carol and Mike's marriage isn't always perfect. In this episode, Carol becomes a detective to try to find out the identity of Mike's old high school sweetheart. She's not amused by the woman, who calls Mike by the cute pet name "Bobo."

5. The Fender Benders (1972)


Carol has to remain calm in front of the kids while dealing with a minor traffic accident that turns into a full-blown legal battle.

6. "The Show Must Go On??" (1972)


Henderson finally got to tap into her Broadway roots during season four. In this episode, Marcia recruits her mom to perform a musical number at her school's Family Frolics Night.

7. You're Never Too Old (1973)


Carol's grandmother makes a surprise visit to the Brady household, leaving her in charge of the kids when Mike and Carol have to attend their previous engagements. Of course, Carol's grandmother is portrayed by none other than Henderson in heavy makeup.  

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bradyguy 4 months ago
Wait!! THAT WAS Florence Henderson in heavy makeup??? WHA????
PatrickTierneyWild 56 months ago
What about the time she lost her voice just before she was supposed to sing in church at Christmas?
Dario PatrickTierneyWild 42 months ago
That was the Season 1 Christmas episode from 1969.
bradyguy Dario 4 months ago
The Voice of Christmas - classic. Not just 'the Season 1 Christmas episode"....the ONLY Christmas episode of the series. Christmas eps became a staple in the 70s, but the BB never did another.

That was also the ONLY time the BB ever went to church!
Dario bradyguy 4 months ago
Yes, that's quite correct. 🙂
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