8 bygone frozen treats that will bring you back to the '90s

Nineties ice cream trucks brought us green slime and bugs in our summer treats

It was the era of acid-washed jeans, windbreakers, and the Walkman. On those hot summer days while you hung out by the mall and listened to Spice Girls, nothing hit the spot like a sweet treat from the ice cream man.

Unfortunately, much like Sir Mix-a-Lot and the popularity of jelly sandals, not everything could stick around into the new millenium. Here's eight confections from the freezer that will bring you back to the totally rad '90s.

1. Micro Pops


It's kind of like the stadium and amusement park favorite, Dippin' Dots, except in a bar! Wait, if it's a bar, what's the point of the dots? Why not just... have a regular popsicle? 

2. Mickey's Parade Ice Pops


If you remember these, you probably have a strong opinion about which one was superior. Were you a grape Donald Duck fan? Or maybe you liked the orange Minnie Mouse? The fact that these were so distinctly shaped meant that the head would regularly pop off and leave you with a mouth full of ice or that they would fall off the stick, but we didn't care.

3. Bug Pops


These pops, released as a tie-in with 1995's Lion King spin-off show, The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa, promised gummy bugs inside. There was an unbranded version from the same company simply called "Bugz". Why did we want to eat bugs so bad?

4. Sprinklers


The rainbow coating on the spinkles left your mouth a smeared mess if you weren't careful, but this was still one of the best ice cream bars.

5. Itzakadoozie


This would be a cool name for a DJ, but we digress. Technically this ice pop was brought back with the same flavors, but in the standard bar format. That's no fun! Everyone knows the appeal was in the weird, twisted shape.

6. Disney Cool Creations Ice Cream Cups


There's a few items on here under the "Cool Creations" label, but now we're specifically talking about the cups. They released several versions to tie in with Disney movies coming out, like Pocahontas, Hercules, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Each cup had little Sweetart-like candies on top associated with the movie.

7. Tigger Tails


Orange and grape is kind of an odd flavor combination, but what else was Disney going to do, use licorice to emulate tiger stripes?

8. Nickelodeon Green Slime Ice Pops


Growing up in the Nineties, Nick was all about the green slime. It was in their branding, their game shows, and even in their popsicles. Ads for the ice pops promised "a deliciously goopy glob of frozen ooze". Uh.... yum?

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SheriHeffner 15 months ago
The only one I don't remember is The Green Slime Ice Pops
Snickers 25 months ago
Will always remember as a kid chasing down the local ice cream truck.
Karen 26 months ago
I wasn't sheltered and I never had any of these. I guess they held no appeal for someone over 20.
Coldnorth Karen 26 months ago
I would love to have an orange push up right now but not sure if they make them anymore. Had them as a kid
Coldnorth 26 months ago
I have never ever had any of these. I was sheltered or they weren’t available where I live
Jamila 26 months ago
Damn, I remember like half of these. I remember being obsessed with the sprinkler ice cream & itzakoodozie (sp?) and the tigger tails pop…I can still taste it!!
top_cat_james_1 26 months ago
My fave from this era was the Flintstones Push-Up Ice Cream Treats with Nerds candy. Bring 'em back, Nestle!
LalaLucy 26 months ago
Not familiar. Of course, we were usually the ones buying simple tubs of ice cream to make sundaes with.
Zip 26 months ago
I was never a real big fan of "Popsicle" type treats. Closest thing that was my favorite were Pudding Pops.
JHP 27 months ago
never heard of any of these - my fav as a kid were the RWB bomb pops
Snickers JHP 25 months ago
I remember them! One of my favorites.
KJExpress 27 months ago
I never heard of most of these. To this day I would rather just have some ice cream in a dish. I'm such a slow eater that everything on a stick or on a cone drips all over my hand before I am finished with it. Either that or it melts and falls apart on me. 😝
justjeff 27 months ago
Hey, MeTV "geniuses"... "Popsicle" is a trade name. Not every frozen treat was a Popsicle...especially since some of the images clearly show Nestle as the brand name on the box. That's like calling MeTV "Antenna TV", or Weigel Broadcasting "Fox News"... Sheesh!
Coldnorth justjeff 26 months ago
Like when people call tissues Kleenex instead of the real brand name
justjeff Coldnorth 26 months ago
...or adhesive desk tape being called "Scotch Tape"... or most colas referred to as "Coke"... Many trademrks lost their registration rights because of generic use of those names by the public. Some are: Escalator, Yo-Yo, Formica and Saxophone...
Maverick66 27 months ago
I remember Dippin Dots (& they're still around), but I don't remember any of these. Guess I'm too old to have been eating slime ice cream in the '90s.
WordsmithWorks 27 months ago
Don't recognize any of these flavors. I'm surprised ice cream trucks still around in the 90's. I guess they are at the park and the beach. Probably call them "food trucks."
Michael WordsmithWorks 27 months ago
We still have bicycles that sell frozen treats in the park. I don't remember trucks selling them, even in the sixties.
MrsPhilHarris 27 months ago
I guess I’m too old to remember any of those. For me it was root beer, orange, grape or pink (not sure what the flavour was) Popsicles, Fudgesicles, Creamsicles and Drumsticks.
When I was in grade school, I would buy a Creamsicle for a nickel almost everyday for lunch. It was love at first bite. I would get a Fudgesicle if they were out.
Oh how I would have loved to have a Creamsicle for lunch every day ! 😆
lynngdance Peter_Falk_Fan 26 months ago
It’s not a Fudgesicle, it’s a Fudgical! 😝 (lol) (that’s just a joke from an episode of Laverne and Shirley) 😆
Karen MrsPhilHarris 26 months ago
In my elementary school in the 70s, you had 3 choices for ice cream at lunch: an orange creamsicle, a fudgesicle, and the vanilla bar with the chocolate shell. The orange creamsicle was my favorite.
MrsPhilHarris Karen 26 months ago
Yum! 😁
lynngdance 27 months ago
HAKUNA MATATA!! 😝 lol. I think I would have bought the “Bug Pops” just because it has Timon And Pumbaa on the box 😆.
Peter_Falk_Fan lynngdance 27 months ago
My kids liked Bug Pops. They also liked the Disney Cool Creations Ice Cream Cups and Mickey's Parade Ice Pops.
Runeshaper 27 months ago
I remember most of these. All fun!
harlow1313 27 months ago
All of this junk looks so unnatural. Kids sure are suckers for bright colors. I don't see how any of this crap beats chocolate or real ice cream, which have always been my weaknesses. Anyway, no wonder we are a fat-a** nation.

The Ben and Jerry's Karamel Sutra sends me tripping. I then play my Brother William tape on which he pontificates about the Temple of the Expanded Mind. Groovy.
LoveMETV22 harlow1313 27 months ago
I have to wonder how much Disney, Nickelodeon etc... get in return for the use of their characters, Mickey, Minnie Timon, Pumba and any others. Your Brother William tape made me think of the character Woody Harrelson played (Charlie Frost ) in " 2012 the movie.
MichaelSkaggs 27 months ago
They all looked good except for the last one. Being slimed is for the Nickelodeon awards, not for ice pops.
LoveMETV22 27 months ago
LOL. Wally on Leave it to Beaver had several positions in the ice cream business.
Wally the Businessman:

Wally's Weekend Job:

Eddie and Wally work for the Local dairy on
Eddie the businessman:
Michael LoveMETV22 27 months ago
That's very thoughtful of you to find these references. Back when ice cream was ice cream.

In the sixties, one local dairy had an ice cream place. I recall big lineups, and really great orange ice cream, and the scoops were generous.
MrsPhilHarris LoveMETV22 27 months ago
Wally sure loved ice cream products🍦
Jaxter14 LoveMETV22 27 months ago
The boss on Eddie the Businessman was Major Hochstetter from Hogan’s Heroes.
Michael 27 months ago
I just realized, this could have had a title like "frozen treats the boomers won't know about".
daDoctah Michael 27 months ago
You got that right. I not only don't remember eating any of these, I don't remember even hearing about any of them before just now.
Karen Michael 26 months ago
This Gen X too!
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