The 12 best episodes of Laverne & Shirley, as picked by Penny Marshall herself

Tune in to see some of Penny's favorites on Sunday, December 23.

With the passing of Penny Marshall, many are remembering her brilliant comedic work on Laverne & Shirley. By its third season, the Happy Days spin-off was the most-watched television program in America. And no wonder — the second season was pure genius. 

In 2015, we asked Laverne & Shirley cast members to list their favorite episodes of the series. Marshall's select dozen primarily focused on the second season, with just a few outliers. 

As MeTV pays tribute to Penny Marshall on Sunday, December 23, you can catch six of her top picks, followed by two Christmas episodes, "Christmas Eve and the Booby Hatch" and "Oh, Come All Ye Bums." It all begins at 2PM | 1C.

Here are Penny's 12 favorite Laverne & Shirley capers in chronological order, and when you can see select episodes them this Sunday.

1. "Fakeout at the Stakeout"

Episode 11

Laverne goes undercover as a decoy to help catch a thief, as the Milwaukee Police Department has no female officers. Bo Kaprall played Officer Norman Hughes, who would turn up in a handful of later episodes.

See it Sunday, December 23, at 2PM | 1C on MeTV.

2. "Drive! She Said"

Episode 16

In the season two premiere, Shirley has her eye on a $200 car (a 1952 Hudson Wasp convertible) owned by one of Carmine's pals. Only, she's a little short of cash and needs Laverne to pony up half the cost. One catch — Laverne can't really drive.

3. "Angels of Mercy"

Episode 17

Shirley talks Laverne into joining her at the hospital as a volunteer worker. But the two are truly looking for love, as Shirley angles for a doctor and Laverne crushes on a neighbor, Jerry (Charles Frank), undergoing knee surgery.

4. "Excuse Me, May I Cut In?"

Episode 19

A visit from the Happy Days boys! The girls get Richie and Potsie as partners for a dance contest in this crossover episode. This also marked the first appearance of Betty Garret as Edna Babish, the landlady.

5. "Bridal Shower"

Episode 20

The girls receive an invitation to the wedding shower of Elinor Stephanick, the third-to-last unmarried member of their high school sorority. Old high school beefs make for one unpredictable shower.

See it Sunday, December 23, at 2:30PM | 1:30C on MeTV.

6. "Dear Future Model"

Episode 22

The girls meet a model at the pizza joint. She's pretentious, but earning $60 per hour. So Laverne and Shirley enroll in the Famous Academy of American Modeling By Mail — at a mere $7.50 a pop — and end up posing for "Lovely Lady Lingerie."

7. "Guilty Until Proven Not Innocent"

Episode 26

Laverne accidentally stuffs a $75 scarf into her purse at an expensive clothing boutique. The theft lands her behind bars — with the bail set at $500! 

8. "Guinea Pigs"

Episode 29

The girls need money, as usual, this time for a businessmen's cocktail party with a $20 entry fee. To get the cash, the two volunteer as paid subjects in scientific experiments at Institute of Behavioral Sciences. Laverne enters a sleep study; Shirley, a nutrition study. Harry Shearer guest stars, teaming up with his future Spinal Tap bandmember Michael McKean (Lenny).

See it Sunday, December 23, at 3PM | 2C on MeTV.

9. "Call Me a Taxi"

Episode 30

Shotz Brewery lays off the bottlers for three weeks, so the girls find work as taxi dancers (a paid dance partner in a partner dance). The fee?  A skimpy 10¢ per dance. 

10. "Steppin' Out"

Episode 31

Laverne and Shirley have a big date and want to look their best. A raging fire across the street has other plans.

See it Sunday, December 23, at 3:30PM | 2:30C on MeTV.

11. "Airport '59"

Episode 39

In the season three premiere, Laverne and Shirley win the Shotz lottery and tickets to see the Packers play the Colts in Baltimore. This mean the first ever airplane ride for Laverne. Unfortunately, the pilot passes out, meaning one of them will have to take the controls!

See it Sunday, December 23, at 4PM | 3C on MeTV.

12. "Supermarket Sweep"

Episode 79

Much like the Supermarket Sweep game shows of the 1960s and 1990s, this episode centers around Laverne winning a manic grab-all in a grocery store. How much food can one possible fit into a cart — and a sweatsuit for that matter?

See it Sunday, December 23, at 4:30PM | 3:30C on MeTV.

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nortondonna136 45 months ago
Please play Laverne and Shirley more . its my favorite show ever
SheriHeffner 64 months ago
One of my favorite episodes is the one where Laverne had her own "It's A Wonderful Life" dream.
RedSamRackham 64 months ago
* There were also some great dramatic episodes such as the 1 with Ted Danson as Laverne's fireman boyfriend and the 1 about Mrs. Babish's mentally challenged daughter. ♣
SheriHeffner RedSamRackham 64 months ago
I loved that episode, where they taught her to say "whisper" before kissing a guy. My favorite part was when she was dancing and she kept waving to her mom. That was so sweet.
Gregory 64 months ago
It was about the year 1980 or 1981 that I was a dishwasher at the Williams Inn, in Williamstown, Massachusetts. We had many big names come into the place. Christopher Reeves sang at our Thursday night cabaret, as did Frank Langella. The guy from Jaws, Richard Dreyfus came into our restaurant. One night Penny Marshall and Art Garfunkel were on a date and had the dining area to themselves. We were instructed to leave them alone, but I did get to look at them briefly through the swinging saloon doors.
Softballgirl 64 months ago
I loved when Laverne and Lenny worked together. I think they produced such great chemistry as actors. I loved the episode when Laverne thought she was pregnant and Lenny asked her to be his wife, !! Amazing acting with seriousness and funniness with in minutes of this great sitcom!
Amalthea Softballgirl 64 months ago
Whenever I think of that episode (which I love), I also think of the episode when Lenny & Squiggy "broke up", and Lenny became "One Wolf"...until Laverne talked to him & gave him one of her "L"s. (My #1 favorite is "Guinea Pigs".)
Giuseppe 64 months ago
We, here in Milwaukee, are raising a Schotz to ya, you old schlemiel!
EllisClevenger 64 months ago
Rest In Peace, Penny.
So long, Laverne.
We can ask for nothing more than the work you gave us, the laughter the world shared, and the memories.
Chuck626 64 months ago
Since 1976, Laverne and Shirley has been one of my all time favorite television shows...and my favorite sitcom of all time. The chemistry between Penny and Cindy was much like that of what you would find between George and Gracie or Lucy and Vivian. I knew that sooner or later this day would come, nevertheless, it hurts like hell. Raising a milk and Pepsi in her honor.
JeffTanner 64 months ago
Yes, It is sad to read of the death of Penny Marshall, when her brother Gary passed earlier this year or two years ago. R.I.P. Penny. You will be missed by all of your friends, family and fans.
Lucyneenah19701 64 months ago
Rest in peace, Penny.
I used to watch Laverne & Shirley a lot in the 80's. I watched it several times recently. My favorite Laverne & Shirley episode was when Laverne and Shirley tried to fly an airplane when the pilot passed out. Hilarious!
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