Watch the history-making M*A*S*H finale November 11 on MeTV

See "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen" with cast interviews on Veterans Day.

Tune in Wednesday, November 11, at 7PM | 6C for "MeTV Remembers the M*A*S*H Finale." See the complete final episode, "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen," along with exclusive interviews with the cast and creators of M*A*S*H.

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The finale episode of M*A*S*H — "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen" — captivated America and became the most-watched dramatic television event in history.

MeTV assembled the cast and creators of M*A*S*H to share their memories of this landmark finale.

MeTV will broadcast these exclusive interviews along with the uncut series finale, together in a special three-hour Veterans Day MeTV Network event as our thanks to veterans.

Learn more about this milestone below — or test your memory before watching it again!

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The 'M*A*S*H' finale, by the numbers

Half the country tuned in to watch this historic series finale. READ MORE

8 things you might not know about the M*A*S*H finale

"Goodbye, Farewell and Amen" set ratings records and affected New York City plumbing. Did you know it was not the last M*A*S*H made? READ MORE

QUIZ: How well do you remember the M*A*S*H finale?

Test your memory of this classic finale. Put on your thinking cap and grab some tissues. TAKE THE QUIZ

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Joesph 10 months ago
I was traveling the 11th and set my forecast tv to record series finale. Fire cast tv did not record.
az31614 22 months ago
Any legal chance ME TV could broadcast the "MASH" sequel episodes that ran for 2 seasons after the original show. Called "After MASH", the shows starred Col. Sherman Potter, Klinger, Father M., and other characters at a VA Hospital in Missouri. Poor quality episodes are available on YouTube.
lynngdance az31614 22 months ago
You like AfterMash too? Cool! (It’s awesome for me because my 3 favorite Mash characters are Mulcahy, Klinger, and Potter!)
retired2019 22 months ago
Watched the M*A*S*H finale again and cried again!
dmzabooo 22 months ago
I remember the day after this finale ran , I was but 13 yrs old and even I knew this was a big deal at the time. I also remembering my best-friend asking if I watched the show. At that time I wasn’t into the MASH series as I am today. Man if I could only go back in a time machine I would’ve watched it. But such is life. But at least we have ME-TV now so we all can go back in time as we were then. lol. Enjoy the show tonight my good ME-TV friends.
bobs1960 22 months ago
I’m kinda sick of watching MASH on me tv. Also saved by the bell. They show way to many episodes in a row.
bobs1960 22 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Wiseguy Wilbur88 22 months ago
He was probably referring to how many time MeTV shows Saved by the Bell in a row.
woyzeck bobs1960 22 months ago
is metv the only station you have on tv? Plenty of stations if you're bored with mash.
And it's spelled 'too', not 'to'.
AgingDisgracefully 22 months ago
I think they should have included a flashback of Frank Burns reminding the free world that a Change Purse says, "NO!!" to a pickpocket with a capital N.
Jan 22 months ago
I was really disappointed with the finale. I thought they really missed the mark. All the characters every talked about the whole time they were in Korea was missing their families. There were even episodes based on that. I thought in the final episode we would see Hawkeye reunite with his dad, BJ with his wife and kids, the colonel with his wife, Houlinhan with her parents. But they completely left that out.
dmzabooo Jan 22 months ago
I agree with the Hawkeye comment. At the time they really nailed it. But looking back they like you said could of taken the finale in a way better direction to tie up all the loose ends of the show.
Wiseguy DMZABO 22 months ago
Always "could have," never "could of."
Wiseguy Jan 22 months ago
That would have been anticlimactic (instead of ending with "GOODBYE") and would have added to an already too-long presentation. Or what would you have removed to show this half hour of reunions at the end?
az31614 Jan 22 months ago
Some loose ends are tied up (Klinger's wife, Mrs. Potter, Father M's deafness, etc) in the shows "After MASH". Like many viewers, I did not know sequel shows were broadcast until I found them in a random internet search.
woyzeck Jan 22 months ago
the finale was the greatest finale I've ever seen on tv. Yes, during the run they all talked about their families, who they were going back to. These were people who they bonded,worked together, dealt with death on a daily basis, and probably will never see each other again. Not to mention that same closeness as to the actors themselves moving on. I thought it was fine
woyzeck DMZABO 22 months ago
How they played Hawkeye at the end was great. Yes, he had his father who he spoke of often,but that was it. Everyone else had their own families. I thought that was great,and realistic.
And it's 'could have' not 'could of'
musicman37 Wiseguy 15 months ago
People's usage of language has degraded an alarming degree over the last 30 years.
MichaelSkaggs 22 months ago
Two comments. 1) My psychology professor used a video of Hawkeye's nervous breakdown in her classes. She said it was the most realistic and convincing breakdown scene ever shown on television. 2) I listened to a call in radio program in 1987. The caller said, "MASH" ran for 11 seasons, and yet the Korean War lasted for only three years. He said if you take Episode One, and then have Episode Two taking place the next day and so on and so on, then it would work out to three years. He said the only exception would have been the one episode "1951 New Years Day to 1952 New Years Day." When you look at it like that it would make a lot of sense.
Wiseguy MichaelSkaggs 22 months ago
They goofed when they showed Col. Potter arriving in 1952. More likely it was 1951. They probably thought the loss of McLean Stevenson and Wayne Rogers (not to mention the move to Fridays) was going to doom the series and thought they would have to end the series soon.
denny 23 months ago
That was one of the worst series finales ever, right up there with Seinfeld. Great series finales for me are: Newhart (only because of the final scene), Breaking Bad and Pysch. Monk was good, but not great. Magnum PI was ehhhh. Happy Days/bad, about 7 years past its prime. Cheers/ehhh. King of Queens/ehh.
Hogansucks1 denny 23 months ago
“TUTTLE did it”. 😂
Hogansucks1 22 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Stefanie24 denny 22 months ago

worst: Sopranos (the very last scene ruined it for me...I hate not knowing), Nurse Jackie, Dexter (getting a 'do over!')

best: Sons of Anarchy, ER (I was kind of annoyed Doug and Carol never learned the organ was for Carter), The Office, Breaking Bad, LOST (apparently I'm the only one who liked the LOST finale)

I agree with King of Queens being 'eh'. I guess they got their 'happily ever after'. It was funny when Arthur returned home.
denny Stefanie24 22 months ago
Agree with The Sopranos final scene, almost seemed to be setting it up for a theatrical movie release for what happens next. But never came to be.
woyzeck denny 22 months ago
Mash was the greatest sitcom finale I've ever seen. I would put Seinfeld as the second best. Both were brilliantly done. I don't recall any other shows with finales that were anything special
denny woyzeck 22 months ago
Breaking Bad
musicman37 woyzeck 15 months ago
Speaking as someone who never "got" Seinfeld, it doesn't even fly anywhere near my radar, and to compare a quality show like M*A*S*H with a poorly written and executed excuse for a series like "Seinfeld" smacks of insanity.
stephaniestavropoulos 23 months ago
This is supposedly a "New" story. Well then how did someone's 11 month old comment get on this page? Also, the article made it sound like it was a "new" documentary, with new interviews. Then you watch the clip and see the deceased Wayne Rogers and Harry Morgan and know that it's not. Don't be taken in by what you've read, this is not a new documentary, or new interviews. This is the same old same old they have been airing for the past several years. Instead of showing this again, my suggestion would be to show series finales of other war set shows Like Hogan's Heroes, Sgt Bilko, others that I cannot think of at the moment. Leastways it will be something different.
Please point out where they say it was new.
StrayCat 23 months ago
I really would like to see the finale as it originally aired without all the interruptions for cast interviews. For me, all these interruptions ruins the finale.
You can watch it as "it originally aired," on You Tube. Seems to me like I ran across a commercial free download of it.
Commercial & interview free.
Wiseguy StrayCat 22 months ago
There's this thing called a DVD...
musicman37 Wiseguy 15 months ago
Yes, there are DVDs, but many people today can't be bothered with that, and "stream" all their favorites, and pay thru the nose for the privilege. They'll be sorry when the streaming services start charging double and triple for their services, just like cable stations.
MrsPhilHarris 23 months ago
I think I am one of the few that was disappointed with the finale.
StrayCat MrsPhilHarris 23 months ago
Nah, the final episode had some good parts but was mostly pretty sappy with tears, hugs, and goodbyes. In their defense, i don't really know what else they could have done.
MrsPhilHarris StrayCat 22 months ago
Very true.
MrsPhilHarris 22 months ago
This comment has been removed.
woyzeck MrsPhilHarris 22 months ago
you must be...I felt it was the greatest finale I've ever seen on tv
EmBee 34 months ago
A couple of things. First, I thought (or more like hoping) that the war would end and they would go home and we would see them reacclimate (or not) back into their old lives. We would meet people like Hawkeye's dad and the Winchesters etc. (of course there was the disaster, AfterMASH). Second, to all the fools out there that say the war was only 3 years long and the series was 11, it wasn't intended to be a chronology of the war. In fact we see things out of sequence. Potter showed up in 1952 yet in a later ep they DO chronolize all of 1951. another covered the exact 30mins (or 23) of the actual episode. So quit worrying about the timeline folks. It's a fictional tv show.
MichaelSkaggs EmBee 22 months ago
That would have been a good episode. They could have made it a two part episode and aired the next episode.
Ilenewm 35 months ago
I can't wait to see that episode again! It was such a tearjerker. 😢
TmKap 35 months ago
They have some nerve showing this piece of trash on Vet's Day. A series that denigrated veterans during a time that the veterans of that period had been spat at and shunned. Alda is a worthless puke who did about as much as Hanoi Jane to harm the psyche of returning vets.

-- 26 year veteran
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dmzabooo CelticTwilight 22 months ago
For what it’s are so wrong! Alda was a peace-nik and had zero problems putting down the military and its agenda ( right or wrong) example not wearing the proper uniform and the rank on the collar. Heck even Hot Lips Houlihan and Frank Burns pointed that out regularly throughout the episodes.
dmzabooo CelticTwilight 22 months ago
And exactly What does the 45th. President have to do with this conversation about the MASH series? Let it go it’s ok your Jesus joe biden is here to reunite the whole wide world! Try being a happy commie now? I know that may be hard for you nut-job leftists but you need to leave the hate out of the ME-TV threads. Ok? Good now have your parties up until 1-20-21
Wiseguy DMZABO 22 months ago
Spoken like a Trump supporter. Instead of disagreeing with or correcting someone, you have to be an insulting ass.
CelticTwilight DMZABO 22 months ago
Leave out the hate? What was your response but a hate filled rant? Listen to yourself commie, nut job leftist what is that but pure hate. I know you're butt hurt because your dear leader lost but get over it.
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